View Full Version : I Passsseeeedddd

08-04-2005, 06:33 PM
Aaaaahhhhhhhh What A Great Releif, I Was Thinking That I Was Going To Suffer From My First Failure Of My Life But God Saved Me.

I Prepared For 1 Month For This Exam ,it Was More Than Enough Time I Did Usmlew, First Aid And Kaplan Cases Also I Did Practice On My Husband All Of Kaplan Cases And Half Of Fa,usmlew On Phone, And Last 2 Days With A Girl Who Met In This Forum.,

I Was Very Scared About My Result Earlier I Was Sure That I M Going To Fail But As Time Passed I Had A Feeling That I Should Pass.

Thanx To Every One In This Forum And Especially Tutor Whoo Answred Every Question.

God Luck To All Of U.

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