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08-02-2005, 12:45 PM
first of all,thanks for all the encouragement after my first day.I felt like I was hit by a train,coming out of the test.
First day,lots of xrays,medicine had a good mix of every subspeciality.I read an earlier post where someone said it was'embarassing' that even as an IM resident they had trouble with IM questions,I really concur with that.
second day questions were quite vague too.CCS -do make it a point to read UW atleast twice.I had not even gotten through all the cases even once and had trouble remembering the orders.
Timing,I had to rush through the last 10 questions for most of the test.My recommendation:when you practice questions,do so for a whole hour,that way you train yourself to concentrate throughout the blk.
Thank you again for all the support...I will still be on the forum participating in the discussions as time permits.Exam is over,all I can do now is hope to pass.
One more thing,know all the nitty gritties...eyeballing kaplan step II for surgery,peds and obgyn atleast will help.I should have done that.

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