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05-09-2005, 12:08 PM
Hey Guys,

Thank God, I cleared the exam. three digit score was 200. I guess its average. I dont think score matters much.
I was bit tensed this week. but it was a good news.

I prepared for 6 weeks. did kaplan q bank and UW q bank and CCS.
I found UW q bank to be very helpful. Please do it.
I did crush and brushed thru some stp2 notes. thats it.
But I got great study partners. Believe me, jus discuss as much as u can.
Practice the ccs software as many times as u can.
Moha. thanks for ur tips and list of cases.
This forum helped me a lot. thank u all guys.


I got more of geriatrics and pediatrics. As I did not prepare specially for pediatrics I did not fare well in that section. but I got multiple stars towards right in Neonatology.
I also did a little bit of Wash manual. For ethics did from wash u site.
also saw pics from emedicine.com
In CCS, make sure u advance clock well in office cases. Dont be stingy. I was?!
I cant remember any thing more to add now.

Good luck guys!

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