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04-16-2005, 02:32 PM
I was coming on this forum on and off for last 2 years .I failed couple of times ,passed this time with 81. This exam is different as you need combination of knowledge ,conc and especially anxiety control .I think my ccs portion was weak as I worked very hard on ccs this time. usmle world.com ccs are the best .If one can practice those cases ,this will help in getting through ccs part of exam .
My ccs cases were-
2year old kid with fever .Idid work up for sepsis /fever.
adenocarcinoma prostate
duodenal ulcer
spousal abuse
cardiac temponade pt with trauma /muffled heart sounds /beck triad came when I oreder physical exam that helped me to proceed the case.
uti in pregnancy, nephrotic syndrome .
this exam is more like a family practice exam .reading topics is a better way rather reading like subjects.swanson is very good as i read that book thouroughly and especially geriatics,pediatrics..very imp is reading MI,copd, asthama, angina, cervical cancer, preventive medicine, current recommendations , Harmone replacement .
If I were a family practice or internal medicine resident, I donot think I would have failed but especially for people who are doing a residency of different speciality like me , please put extra effort .It is continuation of step2 . If some body has given step 2 long time ago, try to eye ball the step 2 stuff too as I went back to read the step2.
I was under alot of pressure and I understand that step 3 is very imp for different reasons, whether to get a hi visa ,or to get a practicing licence, or to continue residency or just to get over with this exam before starting residency.
another imp thing is that this is a computer exam and my computer stopped every time . so donot panic if something like that happens as i was very panicky that interfered with my exam attempt.get it fixed as soon as you see any problem with concerned center person to get help.I want to thank this forum and good luck to everybody who is writing this exam Be positive, determined , focussed . here are famous lines from donot quit .
Donot give up thopugh pace seems slow, you may succed with another bblow.
success is a failure turned inside out.
it may be near when it seems so far.

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