View Full Version : Holy crap, 240/99- I can't believe!!! :-)

04-16-2005, 01:31 PM
I really don't know how I did it. My first thought was that they must have made a mistake, but I won't argue with them. I am an FMG with no GME, matched at the program that I like very much and that sponsors only H-1 visa, so I took this test very seriously. I spent entire 2 months by doing not much else than studying. Did Kaplan with cumulative score of 72%. My biggest concern were CCSs. I went throught the usmleworld cases, which paid off so much! Read Swanson's FP twice, repeated all books that I had for step 2CK, read twice the 1st step for step 3, prayed and hoped for best. In the actual test, I messed up 2-3 of my cases, one of them completely. The others were OK. After the test, I felt exactly the same way as after taking step 1- either I barely passed or failed. With step 3 I felt the most insecure, probably because it was so important for me to pass. this score is the best of all my steps.Advice I can give is- get umsleworld cases, they were very similar to my actual cases. Kaplan taughed me to manage the time well. There was only one single question in the whole actual test that I left blank.Thanks to everybody, who shared his experience about all steps in this forum. It's up to each individual to prepare well for the test, but since I'm an FMG without personal contact to other FMGs, without this forum I wouldn't even know what study materials were good to obtain. B

04-17-2005, 03:31 PM
Congratulation.... that is a very hogh score. When you said 72% cumulative in q bank , did you did those q timed or not? I ask this b/c I am also doing Q bank but I am not doing it timed as a I only want to learn , the key words, the subject , ecetera.... I am only intered in 75 % , I graduated and finish residency long time ago , not good on standarize test therefore terrefied by step3.

04-18-2005, 08:35 AM
Hi guest, I did Kaplan qbank timed, as I wanted to get used to the time factor. Before doing it, I went through all the books I named. What I did though was that I sometimes took short tests when I did not want to sit in front of the computer in 1 hour blocks. I guess it's easier to concentrate on 15 questions at the time than to persist for a whole hour. After taking the actual test I felt sorry that I hadn't allowed myself more time for reading all explanations to Kaplan questions. Now when I got the results, nothing matters. Good luck. B

06-12-2005, 02:33 AM
Hi, I just read your post , first of all congratulations!, It got my atention when I read that you where going to go to a program that sponsor Hi visas??, I've only found programs that sponsor J visas, could you tell me how did you find this residency with H1 visas or if you could tell me the name of the hospital or at list what state is it?...THANK YOU SO MUCH, you see I was getting very disappointed because I've only found Jvisas sponsoring residencys in the internet, I am still just in the begginning of the process, I will take step 1 in December but if you could please help me out with this info it would mean the world to me...thanks and good luck!Yols

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