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04-15-2005, 12:41 PM
Hi Friends,
I have always been a silent visitor of this forum. But today after passing this exam, I want to share my experience with you-
As you know, step 3 is a killer exam so don't take it lightly.
I gave my exam on 17/18th March and Iam an IMG with no US clinical experience. Called my program today after fsmb and eras was uploaded and the prog. coordinator told me the good news.
Well, I gave my step 2 2 and a half years back so to start with I was in pretty bad shape. I got finished with my interviews at end of Jan so got merely a month and a half for prep.
First, I subscribed to usmleworld and started with the mcqs. Though I did badly with sometimes scoring 50-53% and sometimes even less- around 45%. I had no time to do step 2 or 3 kaplan notes. I stayed with the usmle world and revised the explanations thoroughly.
I did my Usmle world CCS thoroughly twice and practiced the software many times.
When close to exam - I did first aid twice.
I got a score of 82/201 with a such a meagre preparation of 6 weeks. I was in the dilemma of pass fail but all ccs cases went pretty well and not all were from uw(Igot nearly 5 cases from uw).
My advice to all the folks - do uw thoroughly and if you have time do kaplans as well.Donot neglect ccs as your chances of passing improves a lot if you do nearly 7 ccs cases well.

Good luck to all waiting their results and to all preparing for the exam.
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