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03-29-2005, 12:12 PM
I took the test 2 weeks ago. some of the mcqs were really easy, but some of them, still do not know the correct answer and my mistake was that I spent more than a couple of minutes on some of the tough ones, which was really a waist of time. Skip the vague questions, just make a guess and move.
I screwed up with my 3 cases of ccs, although they were not tough and I had practiced the same cases before the exams, but as you know sometimes your mind goes the wrong way from the beginning. I handled the rest of 9 cases very well.
I am just hoping to pass the test and do not care about the score. God help me, because I have no idea what my score would be.
I wish you all good luck. Sleep well the night before the exam because I could not get a wink, and I was feeling tired the whole day and my mind was not clear.
I believe my poor performance on those 3 cases was because of lack of sleep.

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