View Full Version : Kaplan MCQ cumulative score versus what was your USMLE score

03-16-2005, 11:05 AM
Hi there,I just finished Kaplan Q bank. I'm taking the test next week and for me it's the CCS that I'm worried about more, since I am an FMG with no residency experience (neither in my home country). My Kaplan cumulative score was 72% and I'm wondering what that means- do I have to work extra hard to excell in CCS or can I afford some mistakes, making it up with MCQs? I never saw the step 3 sample score report, so I don't even know whether it tells you how you did in CCS and MCQs or whether it's mixed. Those that you passed, please share your experience and compare Kaplan performance and USMLE performance.Thank you,B

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