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02-20-2005, 05:21 PM
Hey guys
This forum is real good place for people seriously preparing for the step 3 and i myself benifitted a lot from this forum.
Now that my exam is over i guess its my turn to contribute

Well as for the exam experience...its not easy...one thing i want to emphasize is that kaplan qbank though good...is good for only half of the question...what i mean to say is that you need to know one step beyond what qbank asks you like for example in case of post menopausal women with osteoporosis who cannot take estrogen....we need to give SERMs...well this i knew but the question asked me about the most common side effect of SERMs which i did not know...so guys read so that you know one step beyond what you think is enough. Some questions were ok as most of the derm pics were easy to identify....i got acne and scleroderma. For EKGs i tried to answer from the history hope they are right...one was clear MI.
As for the ccs....i only remember 8 cases but all my cases went well and got better and all the cases ended in 15-18 mins real time.
The cases that i got:
1.Hyeprtension in a young 18y/o male...worked up for sec causes and was able to control with diet and lifestyle modifications...case went for about 2 months in case time
2.Chronic alcoholic with anemia....was thinking of macrocytic but turned uot to be iron deficiency
3. Motor vehicle accident....always give best analgesic till the patient feels better
4. Osteoprosis...gave calcium supplements...bone densitometry and alendronate
5. Crohns colitis
6. Normal pregnancy...this one was little twisted as the case gave me lots of family history about DM and the pt had polyuria and polyphagia but since she had irregular period i got the UPT and it came positive and polyuria was due to cystitis...gave nitrofurantoin
7.CHF managed with diuretics and acei
8. Nephrotic syndrome in a 8y/o child managed with oral prednisone..inpatient

I guess i did ok in the ccs part but cannot say about the questions..
Once again guys...keep up the good work


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