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02-20-2005, 05:18 PM
Hi friends.
I want to share my experience with u.
I passed with 83/202.I took exam on 25 and 26th jan. This was my 2nd attempt.last time i got 73.
i'm very thankful to this forum.It really helped me focus.
I studied kaplan step 2,step 3 notes-these r excellent,uw q bank and CCS which was great, crush step 3,fischer's qs, just checked few topics from e medicine-did derm from this forum..I must really thank ASH for a big help.she used to post imp topics which were really imp for exam.hope she reads my message .
Main thing is to focus ,focus and have strong will power.Just dont loose hopes from prev bad results.dont go on reading 30 books and finally remembering nothing.do selected ones and revise them..kaplan is very good. whatever topics they dont have u can do from other sources.
I was a regular member of this forum .qs discussed r good.
stress more on peds as we tend to ignore it.i did it very well .thats where i made it.then there r lots of derm pics, xrays.ethics ,i think was little easy in my exam.but thats was lots.
kaplan and uw q banks r very good.u must do it before u go for exam.
Just beleive in ur self,prepare well ,think well in exam, for that u need good night sleep.
My CCS was average. though i did not mess up any case i did not even smash them .so stress on that portion too. practice it well.
i wish u good luck to all of u.

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