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07-07-2003, 09:33 AM
Can you explain a typical day for an SO??? What do you do all day to keep you busy????????


08-08-2003, 12:07 PM
I think you are meaning for SGU, since I have seen you post there. The first semester, my wife worked two or three 8 hour days a week in the mailroom. On work days, she would get up around 830, eat breakfast, check email, make lunch and catch the bus, get off at 6pm, then we would eat dinner together, I would go back to the library, and she would watch TV, talk on the phone ( dialpad), hang out with other SOs, etc. On days off, she did volunteer work, went to the market ( the produce is much better there than in the grocery store), explored downtown, went to the beach, went to a hotel pool, she taught herself how to sew, did continuing education, etc.

Second semester, she worked 10-2 everyday, so she would follow the same routine, but we had a car then. She still did volunteer work, beach after work, lots of SO functions, etc. On the weekends, since 2 out of 4 i would be studying the whole time, she would go up to bathway beach with friends- they have a bbq and it s a great beach, go over to carriacou, go on hash hikes, go to the waterfalls or other hikes, meet friends for a drink, go dancing, she went to trinidad, st vincent, etc. She also got to know the internet and the TV really well. She went home almost every semester for a week, due to impt family events, and had alot of visitors- my parents, her parents, friends, her sister twice, etc.

In short, she kept pretty busy.

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