View Full Version : ive been gone for a year but i keep getting phone calls

05-06-2005, 07:44 AM
All ex iuhs students, I have been gone from IUHS for a year. I've gotten a lot of calls in the last few weeks about our friend who is now running the school as an accountant. I guess they are on a tyrade trying to get money out of the people who were smart and left the school when Neame left. I am writing to tell you that I really want this to go away. But if there is enough students who are getting letters and calls ect. then everyone should do what they need to. Many have called the FTC due to the fact that there are rumors that the FTC is cracking down on internet schools. I do not know the details but I told the students I would give the number to the students. If yo have issues and I mean true issues with IUHS you can email me. Like before I don't like trashing individuals, everyone knows I could. I just want the facts to be presented. So once again if you have TRUE ISSUES then email me and I will give you the right numbers to complain and file a report.

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