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02-26-2003, 07:57 PM
A different question
by Katie (no login)


I was wondering if you could help me out with a different problem I am having. I have a four (well, really five) year degree from a small private college. I have applied to 15 different US medical schools and was turned down by all of them (most after secondaries, a few after interviews). I am now trying to figure out the best option and have run across the foreign medical school option. I am seriously considering attending medical school in the carribean, but have not managed to find an objective, unbiased opinion (critique) of the schools there and the issues that I will face attending school and then trying to return home to the US to practice. Do you have any suggestions for directions to search or people/organizations to contact? Can you tell me about your experience and why you decided to go "foreign"? Anyway, any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I am getting frustrated and overwhelmed with my lack of progress in my quest. :) Thanks!!


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A few words
by DrB (no login)

You won't find a lot of good written information on foreign schools. The most commonly travelled path is via Ross, SGU or AUC. I think the path works; however, it is expensive (at SGU) and you are at a disadvantage for residencies. While there are exceptions, most IMG students end up in "second tier" residencies and end up as primary care physicians.

In my opinion, the caribbean schools offer a viable way to reach your goal; however, this is not the route to go if you would only be happy as an orthepedic surgeon.

Given your "near misses" at US med schools I would suggest the following application algorithm:

1) apply again (application rates are dropping)
2) consider DO schools - there is endless debate about this but you should definitely conisider this option. There are endless debates about this but it seems to me that most of it revolves around the lack of status of being a DO vs an MD. From a licensing standpoint they are equivalent. Why take on the hassles of being an IMG if you can avoid it?
3) consider Australian schools. Australian schools have very good programs and admit a fair number of US students each year. They are inexpensive (15k a year and provide excellent education. The only disadvantage is that you spend all four years overseas. It sounds like you would be competitive.
4) consider Ireland
5) Sackler in Isreal (but recent violence makes this less attractive)
6) caribbean (last resort, but viable). I would strongly suggest you visit the schools before making a decision.

The good news is that the caribbean GUARANTEES you the option of going to medical school. My advice is to be patient and only go to the caribbean after you have truly explored the other options. There is no need to rush this decision.

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