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02-26-2003, 07:37 PM
More Questions
by Kimberli Cox (Login kimberlicox)

I see your other questions I neglected to answer in my earlier post.

Interviews: interviews for the schools are conducted in the US, usually in LA and NY during the late summer and early fall. However, you are encouraged to come and have a look but I can assure you that the facilities at ALL of the Australian medical schools mentioned are first class. MY mother has a wonderful picture of me in front of the Ivy-covered gates at Melbourne Uni, Pat! ;)

Letters: preferable from US physicians but I think you will be suprised at the number of Australian physicians who are known in the US. Because I was interested in Plastics, I was constantly asked at my rotations whether I knew this or that Australian surgeon. One of the world's foremost experts on craniofacial surgery is in Adelaide and Melbourne is a pioneer in microvascular surgery. The Chief of Neurosurg at Sydney is a legend. At any rate, the best tack is to do your electives in the US before the US fall, and get your letters then to supplement the Australian letters. Some fields are very small and everyone knows each other, as Pat has mentioned. Even if you have NO US letters you will not likely be at a significant disadvantage.

USMLE: Steps 1 and 2 can be taken in Australia, although currently they are not available in Adelaide. However, you are not required to take them by a certain time in Australia so I would simply recommend that you put off taking them until you either return to the US for vacation or during your 4th year electives. There is no reason to take Step 1 before then as the clinical acumen you will gain during your clinical rotations will help you on the increasingly clinical exam. But if so desire, you can travel to Sydney, Mebourne or Perth to sit the exams.

Whew...think I got all of the left over questions this time. If not...I may post one more time!

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by Richard (Login Richard75)

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. This also goes out to Pat too. When I am finally attending an Australian medical school I hope I can meet more helpful people like you amongst my upper classmen. Also, thanks for the offer of answering any more of my queries. I will certainly take you upon that. Have a great day!



by Kimberli Cox (Login kimberlicox)

You're welcome. I'm just relaxing now between graduation and start of residency July 1 - so enjoy helping others if I can.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors and let me know if I can help in anyway.

Posted on Apr 10, 2001, 7:04 AM
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