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12-04-2004, 05:57 PM
One more post from me..

Has anyone noticed their significant other has changed since they started med school? E.g. adopted the "scrub-out" mentality, as my friend calls it?
I'm a lawyer in a family of doctors, and I've come to recognize the scrub-out mentality well. Now my 4th semester boyfriend is starting to show it.

Examples include:
1. Not cleaning up after dinner as they once did. "I've eaten, I've finished, now I'm scrubbing out. Nurses clean up after surgery, and other people can clean up for me after dinner."
2. I booked tickets to see you, I did my part. Now I'm scrubbing out. I don't owe any more time until exams. And if you don't understand you are not doing your job.

What is up with this? This is going to sound so ignorant, and it's coming out a lot worse than I mean it, so please don't flame me.. Are ALL doctors like this, or is it just a quirk in my family? Honestly, a well intentioned question not meant to accuse anyone..

Just wondering..
Lonely gf of a 4th semester

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