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02-26-2003, 07:13 PM
To Dominicanightmare: Need Advise!!!!
by Anxious!!! (no login)

Thank You for your response on the Australian system. Given your name, I will guess that you do or did attend Ross University. May I ask why you didn't chose an Australian School? I here Flinders University is their very best school in the land down-under. Is this true?

I also here that, according to one source, that it is the best place for U.S. citizens considering foreign medical schools. I have spoken to several former graduates from there, all telling me what a fantastic experience it was and how well they were recieved back in the U.S.

I am about 3/4 through the application process, I have several interviews for U.S. medical schools. The application process for Fliders was rather competitive, since they only accept 20 U.S. students per class. I recently gained admissions, but the term starts this February. My dilema is that I haven't the time to hear back from any U.S. schools before I leave for Australia and I don't know what to do. Everybody tells me not to pass up the oppurtunity and even doctors here in the U.S. know it as an international school of excellence. I also applied to the Caribbean basin of schools, Ross, SGU, and AUC. I have been accepted to all of them, without seeing to much of a difference between them. The word is that SGU holds a higher standard for acceptance into their program. It doesn't particularly matter to me, it is more of a backup option than anything else. Should I ride out the admissions process here and rely on the Caribbean as a back up to buy time or just start packing my bags for Ausie????

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Dear Anxious........
by Dominicanightmare (no login)

You are in a very favourable situation, for which congratulations are in order.

I am in my last 4 wks of clinicals at Ross....I'm outta here!

I never went to an Australian school because I was in my 3rd semester when I found out that they converted to a 4 yr MD program, previous to this they were a 6 yr program. When I applied they wented me to take the australian equivalent of the MCAT......which I was not willing to do (they asked me to do that because I am and Australian Citizen....and if I wanted to pay the Aussie price of $1200AU a year they needed that score).

You are wise to have back up plans, and now that you have gained acceptance to Flinders (that claims to be the best Aussie program) please....cross out the carribean option!

Worst case senario, you start at Flinders dont get into a US school and continue there receiving a great education. Or another possibility is that you start there in Feb, continue with you hopes of getting into a US school, you get in and return home to complete med school in the US. Or you get into a US school but find you are enjoying the Aussie school and so you decide to stay.

The beauty of it is that you have options! Good on you!

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