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What is TNF-a?
by Anonymous


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by Future student

What follows is the information I have compiled through research and discussions with Dr.

Finally a REAL medical school for people who are serious about medicine and its study.
The aim of this group (headed by Dr. Hong- a Washington DC biomedical researcher) is to
create the best foreign medical school in the world.

Soon to come

School of Medicine May 2000 (maybe sooner for high quality transfers)

What will follow

School of Dentistry
School of Pharmacy
School of Nursing

Students who wish to transfer to the school from another medical school should contact me at

[email protected]

Only consider this if

1. You are serious about a quality medical education

2. You have completed at least one semester of medical school--and are not finished with
your basic sciences

3. You are not opposed to the fact that you may, if accepted, be required to take a qualifying
exam to prove
proficiency in the courses you have taken.

4. You don't mind crossing the border from san Diego to Mexico each day for classes

This school is the most promising and exciting opportunity for those of us who can't get into
US schools that has ever come along.

NEW students (people who have not yet attended medical school) please refer to the GW
SOM Home Page. http://www.angelfire.com/md/kosan/
You will have to attend the New Zealand Campus for the first two semesters.

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My rankings of Caribbean medical schools...
by Dr. J

These are simply based on info I've gathered from experience, word-of-mouth, school
literature, etc. I welcome any thoughts on this issue, as I think it is of significant concern. The
general criteria I have used for the most part are (not necessarily in order of importance):
track record, clinical rotations/affiliations, campus/resources, national recognition, board pass
rates, NY/NJ/CA approval, and Stafford loan eligibility. I may have missed a few schools but
I'm sure I've included the majority. I'm curious as to your opinions…

1. St. George's University SOM
1. Ross University SOM
1. American University of the Caribbean (AUC) SOM
1. Saba University SOM
6. Spartan University SOM
7. St. Matthew's University SOM
8. University of Health Sciences Antigua SOM
9. University of St. Eustatius SOM
10. Grace University SOM
11. St. John's University SOM
12. Belize Medical College

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Correction to the above...
by Dr. J

The first four numbers should read "1,2,3,4," rather than the four "1's" shown. Sorry about

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What about St. Mary's?!!!
by You stole my handle Dr. J

What about St. Mary's? Just because 2 students are pissed off because Hawaii won't let them
stay, they have to put all this negative stuff on this forum about this school. I know...they only
have 30 students but I think we all knew that soon they were going to have to leave.
(American Soil)

I was going to go to this school, and found that they are relocating to Juarez, Mexico (across
the bridge from El Paso, TX. There are 2 other schools conducting their basic sciences there.

I have spoken to a few students, and they said 2 of their classmates were pissed off about
having to move just when they got there. (signed apt. leases, ect...) I would be pissed too, but
I don't think it was the schools fault. They have been there for a couple of years until the
AMA put their allmighty fist down and with the state of Hawaii, passed this new law back in
July. (Act 171) and didn't give the grandfather clause to St. Mary's.

I was looking forward to studing in Hawaii..oh well, at least it didn't happen to me when I first
got there. I can understand why these 2 guys were pissed!

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Just An Observation
by Anonymous

I would like to comment on the inclusion of UNIBE on this list. All the off-shore medical
schools are business ventures by Americans for Americans. They are not universities as we
know it. Furthermore, few, if any, of the residences of host countries ever attend these

By contrast, UNIBE is a real Dominican Republic university where the majority of students
are Dominican Republic citizens. Americans are a small group by comparison.

As a major university in the DR, UNIBE not only offers medical degree, but also law and
dentistry degrees. The school also offers a host undergraduate and graduate degrees similar to
Us and Canadian institutions.

There really is no similarity between UNIBE and the rest of the schools on your list.

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Further to....
by Missionary Doc

Further to your discussion about "universities" versus universities as in the true sense of the
word, and the fact that a component of their definition as such surrounds the intake of
primarily the indiginous people of the loacale of the university, I would like to express that
THE BEST Carribean medical school is actually the University of the West Indies.

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I agree
by DrB

UWI is the best (but it doesn't take a significant number of US students). You left
Guadalajara (UAG) off the list. While it is not Caribbean, it does take a lot of US students it
has an alumni of about 8000 US students practicing in the US which probably makes it the

In my opinion, there is really little point in ranking. I would divide schools into categories
based on their historical performance (number of students graduated, clerkship positions,
residency placements, etc.)

All the rest - these schools offer nothing that you can't get at one of the established schools
with less risk.

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Dr. B in Neuro today...
by Grenadaboy

Dr. B,

Hey, you wouldn't happen to be the "Dr. B" in Neuro today with Dr. Griffith would you?

SGU 2nd termer

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Are you sure???
by ronin

Missionary Doc, I have noticed you are a well informed person,but for the sake of being
correct, you are wrong in classifying UWI as the best Caribbean Medical school. Do you
know were Puerto Rico is located?...Well in case your map doesnt have it, its in the
Caribbean and they have the best school of medicine in the entire Caribbean and one that has
produced excellent cardiologist, ophthalmologists, dermatologist..etc. That is University of
Puerto Rico SOM. The other 2 schools, at Cayey and Ponce are 2 and 3 in Puerto Rico and
still way over any other medical school in the Caribbean.

As an educational point, these schools graduate fellows that have no problems getting into US
residencies, the top of the line residencies and rank as good as most US medical schools.

The fact that people need to know spanish to succeed in the programs doesnt mean their
programs are inferior, however many US english speaking students have managed to pass and
succeed in these schools.

Next time, try to be ....POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Best regards


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Yes, But.........
by Anonymous

Purto Rico schools are LCME approved schools. They're the same as US medical schools.
The obove discussion is about non-US medical schools. Read the messages again!

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Non-LCME School
by Missionary Doc

I was taking into account only non-LCME schools. The LCME PR Schools are legally US
schools, SJB the non-LCME PR school excepted.

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Wake up!
by Mr. X

PR is a U.S. Territory and therefore considered as being in the U.S. It has nothing to do with
being in th Carribean. That's why the military offers the HPSP scholarships to the PR schools.

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The relevant fact....
by Ronin

Even though it is a US territory, it is in the Caribbean, I am Puerto Rican, thats why I brought
up the point, and personally, for me and a lot of Puertoricans its is odd that we are not
referred as the best Caribbean Medical school hosts which is a fact we all have to
understand, even if the schools are LCME approved,they are located in the Caribbean, and
for anyone with the right scores, G.P.A. and attitude the doors are open for an excellent
medical education at an affordable costs, we are not in the business of graduating spoiled
people who want to be doctors to impress their friends and families, we are in the business of
making excellent physicians.

This is just an opinion mixed with some geographical and political facts necessary to
understand what I meant.

Best regards to all of you

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Add UTESA and other Dominican schools to your list
by Domini

I would like to add UTESA, UCE, INTEC, UASD, and other Dominican schools to the top
of your list. Any Dominican schools can blow out St. Georges, AUC, Ross or Saba anytime.
These schools in the Dominican Republic are real schools. All the top doctors in the United
States were graduated from the Dominican Republic.

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A "real" school...
by Grenadaboy

First of all, I would love to hear your definition of a "real" school. Granted, some of these
institutions you have listed may be of good quality... but isn't it a little much to say that ALL of
the top physicians in the US are graduates of these schools?

I consider any institution that offers its students relevant information in a particular discipline
for the purpose of ultimately providing the students with the necessary tangible credentials to
be "real." Thus, to me, a Caribbean medical school that offers both a basic and clinical
science foundation of education (the relevant information in the particular discipline), as well
as provides the student with an "M.D." degree (the necessary tangible credentials) as fulfilling
this criteria. Of course, other factors weigh in that affect overall quality, but the point is they
are all "real."

One slight problem that US citizens might have in attending a medical school in the Dominican
Rebublic would be a possibly tainted reputation as a result of the antics of DR schools in the
past. In particular, the problem of a few choice "schools" basically selling M.D. degrees to
"students" with the appropriate funds. Now this may have nothing to do with the more
professional and ethical institutions that currently exist, but you know as well as I that people
tend to "generalize." For instance, lumping all Caribbean schools into the same un"real" group
because of a few bad apples here and there...


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You forgot one
by Anonymous

Windsor University School of Medicine

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That's Not A Real School!!!!
by Anonymous

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ROSS USOM is the Lowest...
by Concerned for others...

If any of you out there thinking of attending ROSS Please learn all the stupid games that they
play with you.
Remember if you are not atleast a 3.5 gpa type student they will make a sucker out of you.
You must be very good to study on your own and pass their ridiculous exams which by the
way does not test you in a broad depth (~30 Q's/sem in each subject).

The ONLY bright spot of this school is the 5th sem classes that is taught by some kaplan
teachers. The real problem is that getting to 5th sem is a real struggle. They start out in the 1st
with ~300 students and only about 50 or so get to take the usmle. You cannot take the usmle
if you don't pass their choking final exam in the 5th sem. Each sem is a weeding proceedure,
that's why they have ranking system. You cannot even look at your exams once they grade it
so whatever they say that's the score you got.

So you see you will be paying a lot of money by the time you reach 5th sem. Also beware
that you HAVE to REPEAT the whole sem classes not just the ones you failed. Easier to
weed out in this way.
Most of the students that supposedly failed out of ROSS for academic reasons, have gone on
to other schools and have successfully passed the boards and are good practicing physicians.
I have personally spoken to a doctor that left ROSS for the above reasons and is doing very
well with a group practice. He says leaving ROSS was the best thing for him. He is very sure
about the kind of Ross physicians that have very bad reputation within the medical
community. He specifically pointed out the students in the MUSLIM student association and
other such student groups on campus that compete with yoy and will go to the point of
stealing microscopes and notes from students so that they cannot study. He was also fearful of
the weeding process and could not concentrate on the school materials.


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Shame on the Medical Boards of California, NY, and NJ & the DOE!!!
by Anonymous

The accounts about Ross posted in the above message is extraordinarily accurate. I am
another former student who left Ross before they got a chance to rob me of thousands of
dollars, not to mention my time.

and NEW JERSEY who claim tough standards for licensure, while at the same time, they turn
around and give state approval to a fraudulent outfit such as Ross, who not only robs
students, but are also defrauding the tax payers by getting these students into debt and leaves
the US government to pay off the student loans because these students have no meaningful
way of repaying the massive debt that they have inccurred by simply staying for 2 semesters
at Ross.

Furthermore, shame on you the US Department of Education for putting up this "dog and
pony show" you call foreign medical school accredidation. How could you possibly extend
eligibility to a miserable excuse for a medical school who has translated your approval into a
license to STEAL?

How much does it take to buy this kind of influence in the US????????

Posted on Oct 13 1999, 07:06 PM
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USMLE scores
by Anonymous

There are 350 questions on USMLE Step I. One only needs 176 to pass. Is that the score of
176 represents 176 correct questions out of 350 questions, 51% to pass? What is the
maximum score for USMLE Step I, 260 or 350?

Posted on Oct 13 1999, 11:16 AM
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