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02-26-2003, 06:46 PM
Howard/Meharry - my stats, etc
by PN (no login)

I graduated from college with a ** in biology
in '96. I was not admitted to any medical
schools my first round of applications.
I went on and will (I hope) receive my masters
degree in Immunology (this Friday...)

My undergrad stats were 3.2 GPA with a 27 MCAT.
Nothing great, really. I'm sure the MS
degree will help some. I had really good
interviews as well - in fact I think if some
more med schools took the time to interview me,
I'd be in somewhere, but that is a different

Howard, like Meharry, accepts non-minority
students, but not too many. It really doesn't
hurt to apply (about $50 per school with
minimal secondary applications/essays).

Some people think that are not up to par with
other med schools because their standards are
slightly lower. You'll get the same training
there as any of the top med schools in the
country, in my opinion. In fact, while many
US med schools are very cut-throat and
competative, I was impressed with the collaborative, helpful enviroment I saw between
students at these schools. If I had to choose
between a realtively prestegious school and
Meharry, I'd still choose Meharry (small class
size, etc). It really depends on what you want
to do - Meharry trains mostly Family Medicine
docs (which is where I want to be)...if you
want to specialize, then other options might
be better - but do apply - it can't hurt.
Hope I've been some help. Let me know if
you have any other questions...


meharry waitlist
by ch (no login)

dear pn,

i'm in the same situation as yourself. i interviewed at meharry and now am on the waitlist. do you have any idea how the wait list works? i've been calling the office and such and they are rather uninformative about waitlist positions and whatnot.

i know that in the informational meetings they informed us that there are no designated positions on the waitlist, but i'm curious if you know any more about this.

i hear that one can find out they are admitted from the waitlist as late as registration day minus one or two.



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thank you very much!
by Curious Applicant (no login)


I really appreciate the time you took to answer my questions. I intend to apply to Howard and Meharry, thank you for your insight. And allow me to extend my congratulations to you on receiving yours masters this friday.

I wish you all the success in the future and trust you will be a great doctor.

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