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02-26-2003, 06:41 PM
Have to make this short, but...
by March Madness (no login)

Overall, I don't believe a 3.5 or >30 MCAT will necessarily make one a competent doctor. And <3.5 and <30 MCAT will make an incompetent doctor. Average MCATs and GPAs are so high now because of the number of highly academically qualified students applying. Many qualified students do not gain admission every year. I did not succeed in getting in the first time, but I did the second time. Am I any smarter? No. I learned how to take the MCAT (time management, etc.) and scored much higher. Do I all of a sudden know more science than I did before? No. I learned how to play the MCAT and admissions game. I don't have time to get into it now, but knowing yourself and pointing out to the admissions committees certain things, such as upward progress, etc. helps. They are too busy and have too many applicants to notice certain things on your AMCAS application. Also some colleges and universities have inflated GPAs and others grade harder. GPAs are much too subjective. Of course, this is why the MCAT is supposed to be the great equalizer. I don't even want to get into that though. Observer, there will be many that go to the caribbean that don't belong there like you say, but they will be weeded out by the time they take the USMLE Step 1 or beforehand, so I don't see what you are concerned about. They will never practice, and "taint" the reputation of carib med students. The cold reality is that some doctors and people will never respect the caribbean medical degree because of various factors. But, you will have to accept that and show them that you are a good competent doctor that belongs where you are. Then it won't be an issue. It will seldom be an issue for your future patients. If you get a chip on your shoulder and get defensive about it, it will hurt you more than the carib degree ever will. Observer, work hard become a physician, and don't worry about other people. I was originally planning on going to the carib, and some of my physician relatives looked at me like I had no business going into medicine at all (since obviously to them the US medical schools deemed me "not worthy" of admittance) even though I had a few interviews at allopathic schools the first time I applied. They may have also thought that I had poor interviewing or people skills which is not the case. Times were different when they applied, and they had no business judging me by how it was for them. Now all of a sudden when I have been accepted to a few medical schools (MD & DO) they are looking at me differently. I'm still the same, but their perception is different. So I say, who cares what other people think. You will not be able to change close-minded people's minds. You know you deserve admittance so prove everyone wrong, but do it for yourself. Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.

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I'm not in medical school now, but I start this fall.
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Hi anonymous,
I'm not in medical school now, but I will be starting this fall. I'm accepted at a few D.O. medical schools, and recently one M.D. medical school. I haven't decided where I am going to go yet, but I'm leaning toward the M.D. school since it has a really good reputation, and is where I will probably want to do my residency someday. But, I felt like I really "fit in" with the D.O. schools. I liked the "feel" of the schools, and the students much better. I will have to make a decision real soon since I need to plan on moving, etc. So why am I at this forum? you may wonder if you are newer to it. Well, last year I was planning on going to Ross U., but changed my mind at the last minute. Of course I am glad I did now. I decided that I would go to either St. George, Ross, or maybe even Ireland this year if I was not accepted here (accepted at SGU & Ross). I had an 2 interviews at U.S. M.D. schools in January, then was wait-listed at one. February went by with nothing, and then the madness of March. I had several interviews that month, and was accepted to a few D.O. schools by the end of the month. So that is my story in a nutshell. I was willing to do what it took to become a physician, like many of you here. Most of us here have a strong dedication since we are willing to leave family & friends, and the good ole U.S.A. in order to attain our dreams.

Posted on May 3, 1999, 7:36 PM
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by Anonymous (no login)

Its difficult choice. There is still stigma as a D.O. compared m.d.especially in parts of the country. Also you are more likely to have more residency opportunities in the specialities than an osteopath,also job opportunities in large groups will be easier to get with d.o. Unfortunately this is the reality. Its true a lot of d.o. schools have student bodies that are happy
compared to m.d. schools. You really have to look at what speciality you want,what part of country want to practice. good luck

Posted on May 4, 1999, 8:36 AM
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