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02-26-2003, 07:36 PM
My experience so far
by The Borderline Man (no login)

I applied to St. George, Ross, and AUC. I also know a little about UAG in Mexico. I applied to the 3 schools for 1998 after rejection from medical school for 1997. I was placed on a waiting list at St. Louis University School of Medicine and interviewed with a few U.S. Schools. I also considered podiatry school for a while, but decided it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. (They are able to do foot and ankle surgeries, but sometimes compete with orthopedic surgeons). Anyway, If you can get in, go to St. George. I was rejected by them after an interview. My interview was with an alumnus. Everything seemed to be going fine, but when I was rejected they told me I needed to raise my MCAT score. I thought to myself, my God, why do you think I'm even bothering with an offshore school? I was accepted to Ross. The interview was more of a formality, and I felt that it was set up more to get me to go there. I decided after much thought to retake the MCAT, and not attend Ross. I did a little better on the MCAT, and I have had many more opportunities in the states this year for interviews, especially the DO Schools. As far as AUC goes, I would not trust them. They were very shady with me. They accepted me, but always had an attitude and gave me the runaround whenever I would ask them the tough questions concerning clinical affiliations (whether ACFMG approved or not) and told me that my deposit to reserve a spot in the class was refundable if I decided not to attend. Needless to say I lost $500 and I am not from a wealthy family. I am an independent student. I personally (just my opinion) would be very careful about a decision to attend AUC. I am not sure, but I don't think they now have Federal Loans due to the Volcanic activities, etc. Do not take this decision lightly. If you can, improve your credentials and attend a U.S. School. I may get in this year, but you know how those U.S. schools are. I have an interview next week with St. George again. I need to have a plan if I don't get into a US program this time because I am 28 (I worked for a few years) and I am not getting any younger. Good Luck. I'll try to let everyone here know how the interview is if it already isn't posted.

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Best of luck
by JT (no login)

to ya Borderline Man... your persistence will pay off, mine finally did.. this was my third round of applying... and don't let age discourage you. It shouldn't deter you from reaching your goal. Hope the SGU interview goes well. I thought it was fun, but REALLY short ;-).


Hey, Borderline man....
by Anonymous (no login)

I will be interviewing with St.George soon and I just wanted to know what kind of questions do they ask you...your response will be greatly appreciated.

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SGUSOM interview
by JT (no login)

The only topics we covered in the interview were discussing the differences between being a FMG vs US grad.. in terms of what loops you have to go through to get back to the US.. what life is like on an island.. or my perception at least.. issues with abortion.. and why St George.. compared to other schools.. lastly, there's that GREAT 10 minute essay at the beginning.. mine was timed and I was watched while writing it.. wow, talk about fun.. ;-)

Anyhow, don't stress, just know yourself, what got you to this point in time, and why you are seriously interested in what SGU has to offer because it's an excellent school.


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SGUSOM Interview
by Borderline Man (no login)

I interviewed Wednesday with a cardiologist (yes, cardiologist (saw all of his board certifications)) who graduated from SGUSOM in 1985. He told me he missed the Grenadian invasion by a narrow margin. He had a thriving, nice consultative practice with 2 other M.D.s (U.S. M.D.s). He seemed very well liked by his patients by my observation. They could care less where he obtained his medical degree I believe. Anyway, there is the 10 - 15 minute essay. I was able to choose from a few (can't remember how many now 3-5). The two I remember were: What three characteristics do you need to be a good doctor and explain (something like that. I chose this one); who has been a big influence in your life and why. You get a sheet of paper, front and back to answer. I interviewed first before the essay. He asked me about why I wanted to be a doctor, questions about my knowledge of licensure for IMGs, would I be able to live in Grenada since I am married, would my wife come with me, and of course how will you pay for SGUSOM. The hardest questions were concerning ethical issues. He asked me what I thought was the most pressing ethical issue for doctors today. I was not sure he liked what I wrote on my essay that I sent in. It was basically about HMO's and how they sometimes get in the way of proper patient care. But, maybe he was just seeing how I would react. I was not feeling well, since I just got over the flu, but it did not seem to affect what he thought of me (although I felt like an idiot, all cloudy). When the interview was drawing to a conclusion, he told me that he thought I would make a fine doctor, and that he would recommend me to the admissions board. He said that he has a lot of pull down there (who knows) and that he visited recently. But, he said that alot of interviewers recommend their students highly, and that I would be in a stack of candidates. So who knows where I will stand. The one thing that bothered me was when I told him that I was accepted to Ross, he told me not to go there. He said that they were financially unstable, and that you have to find your own clinicals. I am not sure about the financial stability issue since I am not a Ross insider, but I don't believe you have to choose your own clinicals, but that they let you select some electives at any hospital that you can set one up with. I don't know where he got his information. It may be just like everything concerning offshore schools, just rumor. Anyway, just know this information and you should be OK. I have to admit that after interviewing with MD and DO schools in the US, it was hard for me to get real excited about this interview, but I had to remind myself that it may be my only good choice. Good luck with your interview. Borderline Man

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