View Full Version : Ulnar Shortening Ostotomy

12-22-2018, 11:02 AM
Hi! Had my Ulnar Shortening procedure done 9/21. I had no clue it was going to take so long to recover. Had my right wrist done 10 years ago, but had Sauve Kapandji Procedure done on that one. That one was much longer in recovery but, hey, that's 10 years ago so we forget...

To the point, I started physical therapy on 10/25 and have been going every other week, performing the exercises they give me religiously. I've seen a lot of progress, but wanted so much more. Was hoping to be lifting by now. Anyone have any insight into how long before my bone stops feeling like someone is twisting it toward breaking when I turn my palm up or down? Any other insight toward recovery? Wrist mobility is horrible and I can't even imagine cleaning a weight bar even weight free because of the landing spot of the wrist in the front rack position... Thanks in advance!


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