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12-16-2018, 11:44 AM
Hello Everyone,

I know this have been talked about in the past, but nothing recent. The stats have changed, so did the programs. So, I wanted to start an updated thread for students like me.

The Title is self explanatory, what do you think?

Also would appreciate if you can highlight on the
1. How school helps in USMLE STEP I Preparation?
2. Do they help in getting the student visa for USA?
3. Pros and Cons of the school?
4. Class size, how the new programs are helping students?
5. How is it working under the affiliated hospitals that comes under them, for clinical rotation or residency?
6. Do they help in PLAB too, and what are the chances to go to UK through PLAB and STEP?
8. Do they help for getting rotation in Jamaica?
7. etc. If there is anything you want to share.

Most of the time, website for respective schools are biased, so would like to hear from the students and the alumni too.

Thank you in advance.

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