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11-06-2018, 11:06 AM
Hello, first of all I'm a student here in the medical university of lodz so everything I'm going to say is based on my honest experience here.

studying medicine isn't easy and it shouldn't be as its life of people at stake, but being in a good university definitely helps in achieving this goal, which unfortunately isn't available here.
classes here are a complete waste of time and energy, I mean it when I say you learn nothing. everything you learn you'll learn it on your own, basically it's up to the student. you just go to class to waste time and get tested at the end.

few subjects here have NBME exams however it becomes a challenge to do them because of the mediocre teaching provided. Doctors that are teaching can't even pass the exam. I mean you can't ask students to pass something that the Doctors can't even complete themselves which shows how terrible the teaching is.
passing scores are adjusted to what the Administration pleases.

It's a joke, it's s very bad.
They don't respond to emails or even calls, they are so grumpy and mad all the time as if you're pushing them to work even for a simple paper. if you anger your coordinator for any reason she will turn the dean against you which is ridiculous.
They are student coordinators but in reality you feel like you are the coordinator.

crediting system:
An absolute joke, let's say a subject has like 5 different rotations you'd think that they would calculate an average based on each test you had but no, when you pass all tests you go to an exam where the credit applies to all courses.
some subjects are combined, like pathology as an example it has 2 parts (Pathophysiology and Pathomorphology)
if you failed Pathomorphology exam for any circumstances even if you previously passed Pathophysiology it means you failed 2 subjects not just one which is a weird way of crediting that's there just to lower the GPAs.

they have this one building that looks good, others are absolute garbage. TBH not sure if its the university to blame but it's something worth considering.

Erasmus students:
I understand that Erasmus program is important and such, but its ridiculous to treat that Erasmus better than treating your student, they basically have the same courses but their crediting system is different, even if they don't attend any class they still get the full credit, its unfair.

In conclusion id say look for somewhere else, everyone deserves a place that treats them with respect that sees them as future doctors and not a money cow that needs to be milked by all ways possible.
and to at least put an effort in providing a good learning system which unfortunately isn't provided here.

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