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09-10-2018, 10:22 AM
Traditions of Barbados
Barbados is a small island that covers only one hundred sixty-six square miles and its history evolves over 300 years in the colony of Great Britain. But one of the main important aspects of Barbados is that Barbados carries a very humanitarian background and most of the Barbadians love to share their life stories with others as they are very polite and encourages other peopleís company. This culture is the most important aspect of their traditions. Now, letís have a look at the traditions of Barbados.

Landship Movement
The Barbados Land ship is the unique part of their culture. If you go back to the walk down memory lane, you will find the root of its origin several years ago. This cultural movement was started in the 1980ís. The Landship is the traditional Barbados group who dances to African music. You can experience Landship movement with Barbados Culture Music at a festival, holiday or cultural event.

Tuk Band
It is a traditional Barbadian music group, which is based on style and music of the British military band. You can experience the traditional take band at a traditional festival in Barbados such as the Holetown and Oistins fish festival.

Cricket in Barbados
Cricket is one of the traditional tie to Barbados since the British Government ruled Barbados. Today, Barbados is the international hub for cricket matches and it will have the world-class stadium called Kensington Oval. The school children in Barbados are growing up playing cricket and Barbadians enthusiastically attend this sport as a major form of their entertainment.
Barbados Festival

Barbados holds lots of festivals as a part of their culture. The Crop Over festival started as the celebration of the sugar cane harvest. Itís been considered as the National event. In 1927, The Holetown festival honors the first settlers in Barbados. The festival includes parades, Tuk band, and traditional food in Barbados.
These are the traditions in Barbados that delight many. Apart from this, another attraction of Barbados is its renowned offshore medical university. You can study MD in the Caribbean islands of Barbados at low cost. Wish to take a memorable trip to Barbados? Your time is Now!

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