View Full Version : Experience, Housing and Vehicle.

12-22-2017, 10:56 AM
Hello, I just got promoted to AUA from BTMD. Looking to start semester in Spring 2018. I am interested in general experiences and how does everyone feel about the education process and what to expect. Also looks like I will opt out of the campus housing, and will be looking to rent apartment with fellow students (if anyone looking to rent out 1 bedroom would be great). I am also interesting in obtaining a car. I have very good knowledge of cars, (I work on my own cars) but I realize that I will not have time to do oil-change. Is there any specifics as to what to watch out for when buying a vehilce (and if anyone has a nice cheap car for sale, looking to sell february 2018)

Anyways please share your expriences regarding the education and life on the island. What is good neighborhood to live in? Thank you

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