View Full Version : Huuuuuge scam alert

11-06-2017, 01:56 AM
It has been said over and over again that SMU is a huge scam. I did not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. Less than 10% of your starting class will make it through the basic sciences. The reason why is that the exams are rigged. Most students with the exception of a "select few" have ridiculous exam questions from step 2 with portions of question stems removed. More so, some of the exam questions aren't even written in a proper sentence structure, since they remove parts of the original question without proofreading what is remaining of it lol. I can guarantee that you will fail this school unless if you bribe them or if you are somehow connected with the school. Please do yourself a favor and don't even dream about going here. And most success stories you hear about this school are from when it was run under a different administration. It's not even close at this point.

I'm not even advocating for any caribbean med school, but am speaking from the majority of my starting class's experience along with SMU upperclassmen. This school has done its students wrong, and I'm sure that there will be consequences for them. But until then, they will waste students time and extract them of their hard earned money. Most students are hundreds of thousands in debt from repeating semesters, and then the school fails them during the fourth semester anyway. In what world is that ethical? The odds of you becoming successful from investing 100k into this school is less than rolling dice on 100k.

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