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09-12-2017, 07:43 PM
Hey guys I hope you're all doing well and can help me out with my problem.

I am 24 year old Canadian who has a passion for med school. My older brother did medical school at Ross and is now doing internal medicine in a Californian private clinic.

I also applied to Ross and got MERP'd. Canadian BSC major in BIO overall gpa of 2.4 mcat score of 488, over 200 volunteering hours 50 shadowing hours, lots of work experience, curricular activities and so on. Yes I know my grades are not stellar. I was in 2 car accidents during my undergrad. One was very serious that left me hospitalized. I completed my undergrad in 5 years repeating a lot of courses and the only reason my gpa is at 2.4 is because of my Econ elective courses brought my grade up.

So I was MERP'd and just like everything else I failed out of that as well. A great deal of pressure from my family uncovered shocking truth that I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child though was never treated. Explained a lot of my academic shortcomings and how I would always lose focus during my exams. I study really hard and put a lot of time and effort into my studies though I seem to always score below the odds of chance.

Anyway here I am now treated for ADHD and probably going to get rejected left right and centre. SGU(Granada) has just rejected me without and interview. They never asked about my MERP, and I assumed they would at least put me in the MSAP program not full rejection.

I currently sent a application to AUA and SABA as well. SABA already knows about my MERP and said it would be a no unless my application would be convincing.

Basically I am screwed. My grandparents left me a lot of money for medical school and I intend on only spending it on medical school. I know I look like I suck as a student though I am extremely dedicated. My newly found focus is helping a lot already, and I would consider going anywhere in the world as long as I'm in Cali with my brother one day.

Is there a list of foreign medical schools or any schools that would listen to this sob story and take me? While accepting me this school would have to have accreditation for California so I can practice with my brother when I'm done.

I don't need thread replies saying "search your sole, oh that sucks, oh take the money and travel, do a post bac, do a masters, oh maybe med school is not for you? you did well in Econ do that?"

I appreciate those thoughts though at this time I need to know other options to get me into medical and doing residency in the USA as soon as possible. If I can start in January 2018 all my documents are ready for that.

Thanks guys I hope you understand my struggle.


09-14-2017, 11:19 PM
You must know the short list of CA-approved Carib schools already... so obviously apply to those, since you seem to be bound and determined to practice in California.

One other option could be CA-approved medical schools in E-Europe. There are W-European schools as well, of course, but based on the track record and the academic information you shared, you would not likely be competitive at the Irish or English schools.

Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary have CA-approved, English-language medical school programs. The better ones are rather competitive and you might not be accepted there (Jagiellonian, Charles First, Semmelweis, etc.) but there are others that are CA-approved.

It is not an easy road, but it may well be on the short list of options for you to pursue. Good luck. You are mighty fortunate to have the financial side of this already taken care of... count your freaking blessings.

09-25-2017, 08:15 AM
It's a hard question but I think you should consider your skills and knowledge. Therefore, you will understand what is the best for. Don't be afraid and always look for the best variants that suits you!

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