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05-30-2017, 06:24 PM
Hello all, I am an AUA graduate (fall 2011-dec 2015) and I wanted to share my experience and thoughts of AUA with you all.
At first when I began AUA, I had no idea what to expect, what to think or how to prepare... all I knew was the stigmatism of "going to a carribean school." However once I got to the island and began attending the classes, I could say I was way more than pleased. First, the island is absolutely beautiful, I mean who wouldn't want to learn on an island!? The housing was really nice, definitely was like home and everyone around was very kind and got along. The classes were all taught by great professors. It was definitely a mix of going to class and learning what they would teach you, as well as you reading on your own, but hey thats what medical school essentially is. I definitely learned quickly, time is of the essence and you must use your time wisely-as in when you get home from school.. try to go over and read whatever you just learnt that day. It'll help big time for the exam. The exams were fair, and if you had questions or felt something was not fair, the professors were all there in their offices to listen and go over things. For my first 4 semesters on the island, I have to say I really had an incredible experience. From knowledge standpoint, I wouldn't do anything differently. Paying attention, attending class, going home and going over the material and also supplementation with Kalpan and UW is major key. This helped me pass my comp on the first try. Passing comp the first time around on the island then allowed me to take my Step 1 3 months later, which I felt prepared for. Starting kaplan qbank and UW on the island definitely makes a difference. I had started 5th semester in Miami and took step 1 at once. About a month after I had also gotten accepted to the FIU rotation, which I did my 3rd year. It was great being in Miami and being able to have the opportunity to do all core rotations here. We were able to rotate with students from many different schools (American ones) and also got great exposure. The dean of the clinical rotations in FIU was great as well and has many connections for research and studies. I was able to do a case report as a third year student which looks great when applying for residency. Fourth year came around and I passed comp on my first try again, as I had studied during clinicals. I did 4th year in NY and FL (an away rotation in FL). For my away rotation I was trying to do, it was great to get in contact with AUA office and have them expedite the process. It was wonderful that AUA afforded these opportunities to go to great hospitals. I was able to really see and feel what it was like to be an intern during my sub-Is and obtain great LORs. All of this helped me to match where I am now at UPMC as an internal medicine resident and I wouldn't change any of it!

07-03-2017, 09:21 PM
Thank you for taking the time to post. Congratulations on matching at UPMC!!! What's really helpful for a new med student at AUA to know? I start in Fall 2017.

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