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02-06-2017, 11:52 PM
Now lets get to the details about getting shut down. The amount of corruption at this school is ludicrous. And there are paid people on this website who will intervene within threads, and get defensive and tell lies about the school to make it seem great. The school got a contract with a new shady loan program which it will milk until it shuts down. This has happened numerous times before, but this will be the last due to the fact that it won't be profitable after a year or 2 when students can't obtain any residency. As it was, the entering summer semester had 8 students from what I recall. And the numbers keep going down.

True story about attrition rate
Truth be told, 90%-100% of the students at this school repeat at least one semester. On a low end, I'd say 70% do not end up completing the basic sciences program alone. And that number is very conservative. Out of the remaining 30%, there is a whopping 40% who do not complete the MD due to shelf, step, clinicals, etc. That leaves with 100*.3*.6=18% are remaining from the initial pool at this point. And based on the official NMRP, the match rate for this students is ~33.3%. That means that out of the remaining 18% of students, 2/3 do not match. Now you're left with 100*(.3)*(.6)*(.33)=6% of the initial batch of students who actually end up getting a job as a doctor. This is a fact, not a theory.

I am a student who finished 5 semesters on the island and it took me about 3 years. I transferred to a different school with a better loan program. After spending 20k extra per semester on repeats, I can say that it is not worth the extra money nor time. I am amongst the top 6% of students at the school. Do yourself a huge favor and spend the extra year or 2 or 3 and get into a US med school because this caribbean school is garbage, and it won't last long.

Defrauding students
One can argue it's the students fault all they want, but it's simply not true when students are doing well on board review book questions, but miserably failing exams. I can attest to the fact that they do in fact manipulate students using lockdown browser. Not all students have identical questions. Some students do in fact have parts of question stems removed, which is done to increase the difficulty of exams to maintain a certain average. And the best part of the scam is that once the exam is taken, itís all done and over. Students have no proof that they were defrauded, or do they? Time will tell, SMU, time will tell. You think thereís no proof out there, but youíll be surprised. There are exams in which there are 30 students taking an exam, and the highest score is 70-80%. It is highly unethical and immoral for the professors to manipulate students like this, but they do it anyway. And there is a common trend amongst the students who are passing every class the first time around. One of these trends is that they aren't seen studying, and a second trend is that they fail the comp and/or step 1.

Finest corruption at SMU
There are certain profs who have illegal copies of the NBME shelf, which certain students also possess. There is documented evidence about this, which will be presented in the future. This alone will get the school barred from NBME privileges. If you thought the california disapproval is bad, time will tell you that it's about to get much worse.

SMU is not in existence to give students a second chance. If it were so legitimate, then why wouldn't it just operate in the US? Yes, that last part goes for all caribbean schools btw.

I wish I had seen the above post before I started this scam of a school.
Did I get dismissed? Yes I did. The school made me repeat 2nd semester and then 4th semester, and then intentionally failed me on my repeat during 4th semester. That is 120k the school milked from me.

The administration is a bunch of corrupt people who are milking the bank dry of it's money from which it is getting loans. They trap students into going here, and provide no facilities or resources to study from besides the useless mandatory 8 hours /day lectures. Granted there is like 1 good prof per semester, but other than that, it is a complete garbage school. The island is great, but the school is the shadiest system in the world. I am 100% sure that if Cayman authorities found out, the school will get shut down. I am also 100% that if USA Dep of Ed finds out, the school will lost its accreditation. I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens.

The only people who pass are :
1. people who have some sort of connection with the school or Alumni.
2. people who bribe the school. YES, you read that right.
3. people who are friends with people connected to the school.
4. people who have been dismissed from another Caribbean school and in addition do 1 or more of the above

The amount of cheating, especially by Canadian students is beyond ridiculous. The Canadians here literally want the USA students to fail, and will conspire together to do anything to attempt to make it happen. If people pass semester 2, but fail/drop Path in semester 4, that means they cheated GUARANTEED. Passing this school without cheating is 100% unrealistic. And you must be pretty wealthy or have connections in order to cheat.

The amount of cheating by the school itself gets even more crazy. They are giving different students altered questions in order to ensure certain students fail. They make the decision by block 2 results whether they will pass or fail you on block 3. There is a reason they don't let anyone see questions for certain classes when you review, and the reason for that is that they don't want you to find out that your questions were different from other students questions. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT let them do this to you. Four other students along with me are witnesses of this, and will confess with evidence if required by law.

Lastly you are wasting your or your parents' money by going to this school. That's 20k/semester if you live frugal. Why I'm saying that you're wasting is that less than 10% of your beginning class will become a doctor. And that is scary, but the actual truth they will never tell you before you start. They will try to sell you the island being safe and other crap which in reality doesn't really matter since the Residence Hall is a pile of dump with no real internet(at least not by today's standards.). The residence hall is a rundown building, nothing like the clean pics on this forum. Quite frequently, the residence hall internet won't work or you'll get ridiculously low internet speeds that you can't even Skype or call anyone.

02-24-2017, 07:31 PM
There are two threads at the beginning with close to 100000 clicks together, where some of SMU activities have been discussed in details. Why don't you guys read them? You think that somebody is just trying to do bad things posting on VMD? Unfortunately, whatever forum members reported or tried to bring attention to in these thread, they lived through these events and just wanted to warn future poor souls applying to SMU about shady practices. And now I see people bitterly complaining how SMU is scamming them. Just read the posts, talk to students, visit place, then spend your money.



07-03-2017, 08:11 PM
100% correct - there is one person in particular who is behind all of the micromanagement and cheating and manipulation of exams. I witnessed him admit that he passed out info to some students during an exam and not others, blaming it on the printer. He did this in front of an entire room of 5th semester students. The students in that room all heard him admit to cheating, and that was the least of his offenses.

07-04-2017, 09:20 AM
A lot of corruption in education....

08-07-2017, 05:33 PM
A lot of corruption in education....

You didn't finish the phrase.... in St. Matthews University School of Medicine.

08-08-2017, 02:08 AM
Hey There,
SMU is like a plague & also doing Scam. The whole education is scamming. I think how any person invests money in education.

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