View Full Version : What are the attrition rates for med students at SGU, Ross, Saba, and AUA?

12-29-2016, 03:10 PM
I heard the attritions at all of those except SGU are really high. Like over 50%+ which is astronomical. I hope they aren't.

Nothing But The Truth
02-15-2017, 10:45 AM
They are. I visited friends from all of the above plus one (AUC). I can assure you that from what I saw on my trips doing a report on attrition rate for semester 1, which s what everyone should be looking at and not step 1. Since that tells you how the school prepares you as a new student and if they are accepting students that they want to succeed rather than just taking money. In my opinion I think only SGU and AUC are worth the risk. I have had numerous students there at the other 2 tell me about how many friends were gone by 1s semester and the 50% range you list is actually lower than what they have spoken about. AuA last Fall had around 75% 1 semester students leave, making that the worst. Ross and Saba seems to do a little better, maybe becuz of a lil better screening but still, 50% is a unaceptable rate regardless. A medical school shoul d be burned down to the ground by law if they allowed that is the US. I actually believe if you fly to St zmarteen, you will see the students at AUC are most happy, then I would say SGU next. I would estimate their attrition rates to be lower than 20-15%. I never go by admin, I actually went to these places for about a week each as a tourist to speak with students.

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