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09-20-2016, 12:28 PM
Sint Martinus University involved in illegal activities - Curaçao Chronicle

I can't post links but you can find this article by Googling the title above or visiting the Curacao Chronicle's website and searching for "Martinus"

WILLEMSTAD – According to reliable sources, the medical school in Curaçao St. Martinus University is involved in illegal activities. The biggest offense of the university is bringing students and staff members illegally to run the school.
The source, indicated that the university has been involved in such activities for a long time. Many professors have left since they were all working illegally and were not receiving their payment for their work. The source also has proof which shows that the school’s activities are against the immigration rules of the island.
Last semester the university had many professors who came to the island on visitors' visa, stayed on the Island for 5-6 (or even more) months and worked for the school. Some got paid for their work while others didn’t. They were not carrying legal documents to support their employment. The school and the staff are fully supporting this method of employing professors and are not hesitant in continuing their approach, the source indicated. Apparently, they are repeating the same behaviour this semester. There is even a staff member from Curaçao who supports this illegal activity. This is the person who handles the immigration documents on behalf of the school. This person is well aware of the illegal activities and has not once raised her voice against it.
Their illegal staff includes;
Dr. Reddy Vintha – the dean of academic affairs who had been on this Island from last year's November and stayed till April of 2016. He worked for school as the Dean and an instructor of Anatomy and Neuroscience. He had come to the Island on visitor's visa and left in April under the same while throughout his stay he was illegally employed by the university and got paid for his work. The university is bringing him back this week. It is not sure if he will be coming under a work permit or again his entry will be illegal. His title with a picture is even posted on the university's website and has been up all along while he was illegal on the island.
Dr. Rajiv Pathak - The Physiology professor who came to the island back in February of 2016 and stayed employed at the university until June of 2016. He as well as others came on visitor's visa and overstayed on the island illegally and worked for the school. He is one of the professors who refused to continue his employment with the school due to their unprofessional behaviour and the school shows it as if he was fired.
Dr. Mohan – another professor who taught Microbiology and Immunology at the school, who had come as a visitor and stayed illegally and got paid for his work during February to June of 2016.
According to the source, tt is such a shame that the university continues their behaviour and tampers with the Curacao's immigration rules.
Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Prasad are the three new professors hired by the university. All are from India and they all have come on visitor's visa but are all teaching the current semester without having their work permit. Apparently there will be more staff members that will come in the future and work illegally on the island, said the source.
The university has also hired one of its former students, John Button as an Anatomy's professor and the Dean of Student Affairs. John as others have come on visitor's visa, which was easy for him to get due to his US nationality. He has been working for the university illegally for the past couple months. John is not even qualified to be teaching the students as he himself has not finished his medical studies. The school has also uploaded his picture with a short bio on the school's website.
According to another reliable source, Mrs. ****** – the owner of the university is not only getting staff illegally but is also continuously bringing lots of Indian (and foreign) students on the Island but the school fails to get their permits ready in time. There have been many students in the past semesters and even currently who stay and study on the Island for months and months without having their sedula (I.D.)/permit or even having the application submitted. She is not only cheating the system by appointing illegal staff, but she is also forging many student's documents from India, such as their police clearance just to get more students in the school and to make more money. There have been many applications submitted to the Curacao's immigration department with fake ID’s and fake police certificates. She is cheating the system, students, and their families in every way she possibly can.
There is another name, Mukhtar Alam who was brought to the Island couple years back as a chef for the school and he has been working as the security guard on night watch all along. He has no training, no qualification to be working as a security guard and his work permit is also to be working as a chef but they made him the guard of the school.
All the school's drivers except for one, drive the school car without carrying a legal drivers’ license or even without having any license with them.
The school has been cheating the government, playing with the law and misleading officials at every stage possible.
Any effort to receive a reaction from the school has been to no avail.

Med grad
09-20-2016, 01:22 PM
The Island has only itself to blame because it has no system of accreditation or oversight for the schools that operate there. They simply issue a business license for a fee and you get to operate a medical school. And this is the result!

09-27-2016, 05:40 PM
Just found out that the owner (not really the owner since she only owns about 12% of the school) of Saint Martinus University (Mrs. P*** S*** who is listed in the second spot on the list at martinus.edu/faculty/ ) contacted a student's landlord to try to get them kicked out of their house for transferring to Caribbean Medical University. The funny thing is, the landlord used to provide security for Saint Martinus University, but the school talked to the security guards and tried to have them work freelance, without working through the security company so that the school pays less. They broke the contract with the security company by trying to be sneaky and got sued. Saint Martinus University ended up paying the security company (K9 Security) because they lost the court case. After all this, she had the odacity to call the owner. The owner told her that if she calls again, he'll personally come to the school and "kick her ***".

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