View Full Version : Worst Decision of My life.

09-15-2016, 08:55 PM
CMU has been an overall pleasant experience for me. Medical school is tough and ultimately, it is what you make it. If you want real information, reach out to the school. They are always there for you and willing to help. I look forward to continuing my journey.

09-21-2016, 07:41 PM
Not only your life but a lot of other people too. We all got sucked into this garbage. You get what you pay for. They brag about being one of the cheaper schools. All you get is one big headache. They are scandalous and money hungry. The crazy thing is, with all the info that is here on this board, there is always one person who comes by and say "I want to get some information on this school." Seriously... you are still considering it. Well if you are that dumb, sign up and give them your money. They will take it. Oh but there's more , wait until you get those hidden charges, like you owe us $10,000 for a course you did not take. Maybe you will get this one, We are not going to give you your transcripts unless you pay us (whatever we ask for).

I transferred out of there and it has been great ever since. I was dumb like some of you but i wised up and save myself problems. I am not hatin' on this school to be hatin' but i am being real. These people are out to screw you, especially that one guy who doesn't realize that we all know he is a fake. Yes you buddy. You are a fake and a creaper. Everybody knows it and your the butt of countless jokes at a lot of parties.

I feel for the OP. Get your transcripts and move on but be aware, they are going to try and screw you.

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