View Full Version : What is the best medical Hungarian Uni for my situations? Please help. Thanks.

Ahmed El Sayed
09-11-2016, 06:10 AM
My name is Ahmed El Sayed and I live in The United Arab Emirates (UAE). I am currently in an American Curriculum based high-school and I am graduating this year. I did my research and found out that the best medical universities in Hungary are Debrecen Uni, Semmelweis Uni, Szeged Uni, and Pecs Uni. I do not know if there is another good medical University in Hungary, if there is please tell me. However, I am finding a hard time choosing between those universities. Until now, I know from the internet the Semmelweis is the best medical university in Hungary, and that it is accredited by the California medical board. I am really interested about the best uni that is accredited by the USA, mainly because I really want to take my residency in the US after finishing uni in Hungary. So please if anyone knows any helpful advice for me please tell me.
Thanks. :p

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