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Future Doctor MD
05-21-2016, 09:08 PM
Hello all,

I was wondering if I could get some input on whether SABA is a great school for me or not.

I graduated in 2015 with a bachelor in biology, 3.77 c, 3.69 s GPA. I took the MCAT two times, first was 25 and second was 34 of the old test. I have one shadowing experience in IM, one year of ER scribing, half year of research, and 4 years of various teaching experiences.

I am interested in going to medical school in an area with a great outdoors environment, and that is why I am looking at Caribbean. Is Saba a good fit for me if I want to enjoy nature? Do you think my chances for acceptance are good?

Thanks you!

01-27-2018, 07:06 PM
Hello. I am a current student at Saba. I highly recommend you do not come to this school. First of all they will literally take anyone that applies. The quality of education is so sub-par I don't even know where to begin. From the multitudes of foreign profs with thick African and Indian accents all the way to the cram sessions they "teach" everything, it is absolutely not worth your time, money, and above all your well being. The schedule starting 2nd semester through 5th is 8a-5p M-F. That leaves hardly anytime to study, especially since they have shortened semesters. The attrition rate is horrible, every class starts with 80ish students and by the end there is 20-30max...this is clearly not normal of an educational institution. There is no time to go to profs office hours or get any kind of tutoring, let alone thoroughly learn the material.

They made a curriculum change back in 2015, and ever since their passing rates have dropped significantly. Dr. Chu the president of the school himself came and told us here that the NMBE Comprehensive pass rate has gone from 80-90% down to 40-50% since the curriculum change!!! In their attempt to scramble to fix things, they keep changing the schedules, adding courses, taking away courses, hiring profs, firing profs, it has been an absolute mess since I've been here!!

In case you are wondering the NMBE Comp is the test the school makes you take before they allow you to sit for the Step 1, so that "99%" pass rate is kind of false reporting because they make it seem like 99% of the students who enroll pass, in fact you have to survive 5 horrible semesters of confusion and self-teaching, and even if you get passed all the courses, then you have to take that Comp (which has had failing pass rates as I mentioned above).....then finally sit for the Step 1. It is all like a staged event so they get to write 99% first time pass rate. And the admin is so out of touch with the students because all the decision are made in Devens, MA by R3 Education Inc. which is the company that owns this school, so no one can be held accountable by the students on the island. Once they take your money they treat like garbage.

If you are a genius or a robot, you will succeed here and learn the material well with cram sessions and no guidance from the school...otherwise average students get destroyed and ripped off like so many of my freinds!

Please take my advice to heart, I am not exaggerating in anyway...don't make the same mistake so many of us have made!

07-27-2018, 01:19 AM
Well, I think that the study environment has a great effect on how the student will learn and absorb the lesson. A student's performance isn't solely measured by the rate of his school.

09-25-2018, 08:31 PM
Absolutely 100% NO!! This school is horribly managed. They do openly criminal things like false advertise as a 4 year program but check their websites "gainful employment" page, they list it as 56 months. Compare this with other Caribbean schools that list the normal 48 months, and you can see how this gives Saba the advantage of 2 extra semesters to boost the numbers they report, while falsely advertising a 4 year program! Also last year they took money from several semesters for a course they did not hold, due time constraints. We have 100's of witnesses for this. Do your homework well! Many students here are so beaten by the school that they just keep their heads down and drown in depression. Avoid this school and the other schools owned by R3 Education like the plague!

You got a 34 on the MCAT, that is a killer score, and your gpa is not too bad, wait and get into a US school, if your canadian apply in the states! Or try D.O. Schools, its the same thing as an M.D. Just don't make my mistake and come here!!!

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