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04-14-2016, 03:15 PM
Hello, I am a few years away from applying for medical school but I am wanting to find a good, affordable medical school in the caribbean. My consideration of the carribean is twofold. I am a single mom to a half Black eight-year-old son. We live in Oakland, California, where there is high crime (especially involving people of color) and a large African American community. I am concerned that living in such an environment may give him a negative view of Black people and perhaps even himself. I would like for my son to experience living some place where there is a predominantly Black community but a much lower crime rate and less gang activity than the Bay Area where we live. I am hoping to hear from someone who lives or has lived on Curacao so I can find out more about CMU as a school and also about culture and demographics. Also, do a lot of elementary schools teach in English or no?

04-16-2016, 01:35 AM
Hi, I am from SoCal and I lived in Curacao for a year and half doing my basic science at CMU. I'm currently finishing up my clinical in the states. Curacao itself is a Dutch island and majority of the locals are Afro-Caribbean descendants. You will also find people from East and South Asia, Latin Americans, Dutch, and Portuguese. It's a very diverse island and from my experience, the people there are very laid back and many of them speak English, which made getting around and making purchases easy. Other languages spoken are Papiamento, Spanish and Dutch. In terms of safety, I always felt safe living and traveling throughout the island; especially being a female, I also did not encounter any gangs or crimes during my stay. Nor did I hear of any crimes that involved students and the locals. I did most of my traveling, site seeing and shopping during the day time to avoid traveling at night. Moreover, the locals on the island are very friendly and it was easy to get around with their bus system and taxi services. Curacao from what I know is more developed compared to other islands. The island also has many American food chain Restaurants such as Tony Romanos, Chopstix Sushi, Denny's, Dominos, McDonald's, and KFC just to name a few. The grocery stores are also very similar to the US stores and carry same or similar brand appliances, food, clothing etc.
I am not too familiar with how the school system works in Curacao, but I do have friends who brought their children to live on the island and attended school there. You should probably contact CMU for further details in regards to this. A few of the office ladies are locals and they will be better to answer any questions you may have.

I hope this gives you a better idea of Curacao from a student's perspective, if you want to know more information you should contact CMU. I usually email them when I have questions and they are very prompt with getting back to me and answering my questions about student life and clinical. Good Luck!

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