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02-22-2016, 04:35 AM
On 6-7 May 2016 all Dental Technicians from the region and abroad will meet in Dubai for the annual Dental Technicians Int値 Meeting (http://www.cappmea.com/dtim/) (DTIM) that will be held in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. DTIM will be a part of the 11thCAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Annual Conference (http://www.cappmea.com/cadcam11/) that CAPP will hold in this beautiful location.This educational event will combine energizing sessions with cases, debates, and discussions. Because of the international speakers such as Michele Temperani (Italy), John Philipp (Canada) or Aiham Farah (Syria) the participants will go away re-energized by new knowledge and insight that will have an immediate impact on their work. During this meeting the participants will have an opportunity to engage not only with the speakers or colleagues but also with key industry players that will be available to them with all latest product on the market.

For more info contact [email protected] or register on the website Registration (http://www.cappmea.com/dtim/registration)

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