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11-06-2015, 01:51 PM
Hello Everyone

I just took CS and got my score (I got a HIGH PASS) back about 2 weeks ago.

I took it at the Atlanta Location.

Resources Used: First Aid Step 2 CS AND "Step 2 CS Mnemonics and Tips Made Simple" (both on amazon)

How I prepared: I started reading the cases in the back of FA. I got all the cases down. I then used this cheap $5 book from amazon "Step 2 CS Mnemonics..." Following its tips, which is actually written by a past standardized patient, I scored A LOT of points. I was surprised because in the sections I thought I failed, I got a high pass just by doing certain things written in this tiny book; highly recommended.

Experience: It went by fast and easy; they gave us food which was great; I did need some coffee towards the last 2 cases

Tips: Buy those 2 resources and you should be golden

If any questions, reply to the post. Thanks!

04-01-2016, 02:47 PM
Congrats on your score.

I had a question: how did you nail down the cases in FA? Specifically what strategies? Did you practice on a person or write flash cards or both... or something else? This my struggle right now as I start the process. I'm reading the mini-cases and I'm not sure anything is sticking.


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