View Full Version : Fluoride treatment for cavities..any advice?

08-31-2015, 07:41 AM
My DD is 7 years old and he was having severe tooth pain. So I recently took him to Sierra Dental Clinic, a kid dental care in Calgary. The dentist told me that the severe pain is due to the cavities and he asked me whether I havenít noticed it. The doctor told a fluoride treatment will be enough for my DD as it is in the starting state. We have to be there on next week for this treatment. I just want to know has anyone here had done this treatment for their children and what was the effect? I would be grateful if you could share your experience or any information that you know about this treatment. Thanks!

09-23-2015, 08:58 PM
Cavities are irreversible and will need to be treated by a dentist using fluoride treatments, fillings or extractions.

10-22-2015, 01:49 AM
Only one appointment is required for a fluoride treatment. Your dentist will put a flavored fluoride gel or foam into a tray that resembles a mouth guard. This tray will be kept in the mouth for one to four minutes, after which you may spit the solution out. You will then be asked to refrain from drinking, eating, smoking or rinsing for 30 minutes. Some dentists use a different type of fluoride, called a varnish, which is painted on to the teeth rather than used with a tray.

11-20-2015, 06:27 PM
fluoride treatment probably wont cover that level of pain, as it sounds like he actually has a cavity. those wont heal up on their own - you have to get a filling for that. worse case scenario, you get a root canal, but that's not so bad

12-04-2015, 05:34 AM
Fluoride, long heralded as the answer to decaying teeth, can be found in a vast assortment of toothpastes, mouthwashes and professionally applied fluoride treatments. It's even added to your drinking water for this purpose.

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