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08-18-2015, 05:16 AM
As the title suggests, I want to know whether Lodz university is a good university to study dentistry. There's some contradictory information from a few years ago on the forum so I thought it would be good to get up to date information.

What is the reputation like?
What is the quality of teaching like?
What is the campus like?
What is the city like?
Pros and cons..


10-12-2016, 01:00 PM
I am new here for 4 year md english division, I switched at last minute from warsaw university because it was cheaper.

Im not sure about the reputation but I am really impressed by the faculty, very talented and wonderful people. English level is excellent.

Campus is very spread out, library will be 24/7 but currently has awful hours. Your classes are mostly in hospital and there arent many places to study. Not many coffee shops or study friendly places either.

Lodz is perhaps the most spectacularly ugly city I have ever seen in my life but it grows on you.

12-17-2016, 03:46 AM

Bit of a different opinion. I posted a similar review on the Medical University of Lodz forum, so check that out.

To be brief:

What is the reputation like?
- Pretty unknown actually, since the Polish medical schools are notorious for not having records of exams or graduates, passing scores, and US exams. How would one check the quality of the school? You could check the LEK (final PL med school exam) passing scores, but the problem with the LEK passing scores are that many people retake the exam multiple times. In addition, the LEK exam is also a part of the system of past papers being repeated on the exams. Finally, each school prepares for the LEK differently, especially in the English division. From what I know, English division students do not usually take the LEK exam (it's always a few people, some do it in English, some in Polish..those who do it in Polish are usually Polish- native speakers) So stats for LEK in MUL are shifty at the least...
Many, many exams in MUL are just some print-outs the teacher throws together last minute, made up of past papers students find online or from former students and everyone passes most exams.

"Big courses" or "NBME" courses such as Anatomy , Biochemistry, Pathology etc could technically all be tested with NBME but are NOT. The reason for this is that NBMEs are official US exams done on computers with no past papers to cheat from, and require weeks of study from the correct sources. In addition, teachers CANNOT help you prep from these exams, cuz they know nothing about the material...(this unfortunately happened on multiple occasions) Students will opt-out of NBMEs as much as possible, for the easier "local exams." Therefore, there isn't as much NBME stats for the school, and if there are, the failing rates are stupendous. Most students retake multiple times.

All the NBMEs added up make up the USMLE Step 1 Exam, the first of 4 big US exams. Before doing the USMLE step 1, the student has to pass the CBS exam, which is a "mini- step 1." Again, VERY FEW students do this exam, and even fewer pass. In recent memory, only a handful of students passed this exam and went on to take the USMLE Step1. After that, no one really knows what they went on to do.

What is the quality of teaching like?
Depends on what you are used to. Most teachers do not speak English 100%, but they can communicate very well, considering. The problem is this: for the amount of money that goes into the studies, the teaching is very poor. This is a fundamental problem in the Polish education system that is too difficult to explain in a few sentences, but if i could give an idea, it's this: Polish med students across the country generally DO NOT pay for university, nor do they pay for any university. IMO, this causes the quality of education to plummet, since Universities are underfunded, and there is no quality control when it comes to teachers, professors etc. Being a paying student does not give you better teachers and education, you just get the same as the PL students..As a student of the university, many teachers are not invested in teaching you, nor do they feel pressure to prepare you, because no one truly takes responsibility for your education.
In addition, the standards are pretty different from universities in the west.

* I would like to add that acceptance into the university is based on a skype interview, which you could reseach on many threads on this website. 4MD program students get accepted into the university based on the MCAT and university courses and 6MD based on their high school biology marks and a skype date...The absurdism should strike you more than it did me many years ago. The 4MD and 6MD is absolutely the exact same thing, only slightly accelerated. The 5DMD program is closer to the 6MD program, only more focused on dentistry. That's how i would put it..

Here are some things that YOU WILL NEVER DO:

- do a group project or presentation worth a fraction of your grade, preparing for over 1 week
- you WILL have a presentation to make...loads of times..which MOST student plagarize from Wikipedia. It’s so bad that you can see the blue underlinings [1]
Creating an excellent presentation is a skill that must be acquired, since it is part of any career. Communication is as important as the knowledge you have, and this university actively suppresses communication between students themselves, the teachers, and the administration etc

- have a TF (teaching fellow) or TA (teaching assistant ) in any lecture or class room. One can argue that there ARE TF or TA , but they are PhD students who have zero knowledge of English division and don’t frankly care neither..

- have a final grade made up of your quizzes, tests, presentations etc. Every final grade is made up of the final exam and that’s it.

- write a paper...never

-write a research paper.....SOME students do research..these are POLISH students (i.e US students with PL heritage who speak the language 100%)These student actively search for doctors to help them and give them opportunities. I don’t want to sound negative, and everything is possible if you put the work in, but the system is innately not created for ANY English division student to do any research.

- participate in a conference. I mean ACTUALLY participate, and not just sit and listen...like watching a lecture...which we do everyday

- study in the library..the hours are worse than the local coffee shops..hey, give it a shot i guess.

- network..its next to impossible. I mean real networking (like luncheons and meetings with doctors and lecturers) and not going clubbing and gossiping, which is the official method of information exchange.

- give a ...damn..during any class or before any quiz, test, or exam. WHY? Because there is no threat of failure, and the work you put in is frequently unrewarded on behest of the status quo

What is the campus like?
There isn’t a campus, just random buildings thrown around. There is one place called Hallera which is technically the Military- base and the main campus building for first years, and also has a nice new dorm. The buildings are a bit shabby tbh...
The new didactic centre is the nicest and the newest building. The lecture rooms are very new and clean, as well as the computer labs..

What is the city like?
Dilapidated ...probably one of the ugliest cities you will see. I try not to judge harshly the exteriors of different places, but you might find yourself suffering from some kind of seasonal affective disorder...

Pros and cons..
what can i say..
- you will pick up the medical lingo, maybe even kinda understand the tv show House..might even impress ur friends back home
- you will pass and graduate
- you will meet a few people, maybe have a group of friends to stick with
- if you are into nightlife.. i guess it is possible if you can stand those crowds. Its totally up to you however
- you will find yourself accepting your situation, eventually. You will, on some good days, actually convince yourself you are studying at a university...
- you might even like it..i refer you therefore to the Wikipedia page “Stockholm syndrome”

- see above??
- MUL diploma with your name on it

Best of luck to everyone!

Bon continuation,

Current student

10-23-2018, 05:37 AM
I am a new student in 1st year 6 MD medicine in medical university of lodz, i came late , i'm really confused about the subjects and studies , can anyone one help me ?

05-13-2019, 11:36 PM
I am a new student in 1st year 6 MD medicine in medical university of lodz, i came late , i'm really confused about the subjects and studies , can anyone one help me ?

Hello , is it very difficult to pass in the skype entrance exam of Lodz. Do they reject you based on the science questions? I am very nervous regarding the interview.

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