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08-10-2015, 03:16 PM
Hello potential students,

I am a student ambassador, which means I support potential students by answering questions, calling, emailing and connecting you with admissions (if needed)

I wanted to update my posts and I wasn't able to reset my password, so I had to start a new profile. I am a current IUHS student. I would love to answer your questions and help in any way I can. Here are a few of the usual questions I get, but please email me with any others that you may have. I'm happy to talk via phone as well. I am cst time zone.

What year am I?
I am a third year student.

Did you work?
Yes, I worked full time

Do you have a family?
Yes, with two small children

Is it hard to get rotations?
No, but I also live in a city where I know a lot of physicians and it is an IMG friendly city.

Have you taken step 1?
No, not yet. I concurrently completed a second and third Masters, MPH/MBA and needed to finish my thesis

Did IUHS prepare you for Step 1?
Yes, but like any medical school, you must study, be motivated, self-disciplined and really want this.

Did you take a prep course?
Yes, I am taking Kaplan and using USMLE World

How many hours did you study outside of class?
I studied approximately 20 hours a week on top of work and lectures, not including weekends.

When are lectures?
The first two years of lectures are online and streamed via your lap top. Al lectures are recorded for a second watch

How do you receive patient contact?
I sought out a mentor who I spent 4 hours a week with during my first two years, we also complete a patient simulation program called DXR and more patient contact is received in clinical rotations.

Do you think you will be able to get residency?
Yes, like any medical school, your scores are the predictor for securing a residency spot

What are your thoughts about IUHS?
I absolutely love IUHS, it has made my dream of becoming a doctor a reality. IUHS is convenient, supportive and manageable.

What specialty are you considering?
Anesthesiology of OB/GYN

Did you take the MCAT and do I need to?
Yes, I took the MCAT when I was considering other schools, but I wasn't able to move. The MCAT is not required. IUHS will provide a basic science refresher to help with your first two years of medical school

Does IUHS have student loans?

What is your background?
I worked in healthcare over 20 years in a sales, management and training background. I completed all of my science prerequisites, completed a 1 year postbacc program and took the MCAT.

What is the current tuition?
Affordable, please go to the IUHS website for current costs and fees.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
Yes, start reading First Aid day one, stay prepared, manage your time, become friends and study partners will class mates (it's nice to have friends from class in this virtual world), be prepared to take a live review course for Step 1 if needed, apply, start and do you very BEST.

You can email me anytime, please let Admissions know you read my post on ValueMD or that we spoke!


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