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07-29-2015, 03:16 PM
I am a student. I want to be a doctor. So, i need a medical books which really helps me great.

08-06-2015, 06:41 AM
Hmm alright. Well basically in med school you study physiology, biochem, anatomy and more advanced >> pathology, microbiology, pharmacology. For physiology you can study from "Physiology" by Linda Costanzo and there's also "Ganong's review of medical physiology". If you want a bigger physio reference with more info then you can use Guyton.
For Gross Anatomy there's Snell, or Moore and there are certain books that organised by regions that means like abdomen, thorax, etc... and there are others that teach by systems. It's up to you what you prefer, but it's better to use what is recommended by your school. For embryology Saddler is good, for neuroanatomy there's Snell neuroanatomy, for histology there's this one called Junquiera's basic histo. Hmm... for biochem there are two famous ones Harper and Lippincott.
For pathology people usually use Robbin's basic pathology. There's also pathoma which is a series of videos followed with a little review book - really helpful for revision. Sorry idk which books they use for microbiology and pharmacology cuz I haven't taken these courses yet, but you can check out this youtuber "DocOssareh" who basically tells you which books are best and stuff.
Look up the pharma one, if you search "how to study pharmacology in medical school" it should be the first video that pops up. I would have gave you the link, but I can't post links here yet.

Hope that helps, good luck! :)

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