View Full Version : ECFMG Exception Experience Any Success ?

07-28-2015, 01:40 PM
Hi All, I need to know if anyone has good experience with getting ECFMG exception, or knows anyone who has got the exception from ECFMG ?

I am concerned from ECFMG transfer credit policy introduced in 2008, it requires transfer student to graduate within 7 years of initial date of transfer credits occurred from one IMED listed school to another IMED listed school. I am worried because by that time I will be graduate from my new school, I will be little late (around 8 years). I tried to call and write ECFMG, do not get a direct response so far, they mention that exception process is done on case by case basis where you have to present a reasonable case of why you are being late in graduation. I do have a very nervous feeling I do not know will I still have any chance or hope to complete ECFMG certification, as my Step 1 will expire in 2017.

Please advise ...

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