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07-17-2015, 04:06 PM
I attended AUA and ended up repeating med 1 and med 3 due to health and personal reasons and was eventually dismissed due to poor academic standing. I am still interested in becoming a doctor and looking to transfer to another Caribbean Medical School to complete my education. If I pursue this path and got very good grades at the new medical school, did really well on all of the STEP exams and even got good recommendation letters, can anyone help me understand the chances of matching for residency in the US? I understand it will be very challenging for a transferring Caribbean student to end up being successful and matching for residency but what are the odds of actually pulling it off? I personally don't know too many doctors or medical students who have gone down this path and succeeded. Can anyone please let me know before I make the decision to transfer to another caribbean school? I just really want to know what I might be up against.

07-17-2015, 08:19 PM
If you can back up your reasons for the dismissal, do better on Steps than the US mean, then I think you have a shot at matching somewhere in the US (probably psy or fm). Let's not forget that even at AUA, maybe around 10-15% of your classmates were from other schools (Ross or auc) as a transfer student because they also didn't make it at their first school, but these people do match. That said, no one here can say that you will match with a guarantee, but I think if you can back your problems through proof, do really well on steps, then you should match. Also, connections help a lot in these situations.

But the major problem I see, other than matching is, finding a school like AUA, that will take your credits. The only one I know that takes AUA credits is CMU. Good luck.

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