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07-09-2015, 11:32 AM
Hello,Can you please help me with your advice here about Avalon University/School of Medicine?

I am an international medical grad. I graduated from University of Baghdad-College of Medicine back in 2003 and did my residency there, and was about to finish my training in Anesthesia and ICU residency, but did not finish that then I immigrated to the USA due to the bad conditions in Iraq.

I did my USMLE exams 1,2 and CS. I did not get good grades due to various reasons, bad planning and such. My scores are passing (189.198 and passed first trial the CS. Did not had any second trial)

I did various clinical observations, volunteering, shadowing, hands-on here and there. I had around 12 letters of recommendations from a variety of doctors, some are faculty and professors in the university medical center here in the state where I live. And some LoRs from other independent physicians. I am currently studying a certificate in Clinical Research in the school of Medicine in the city where I live.

It's been now 3 years that I apply everywhere in the USA and did not get matched :( which is driving me really depressed and sad. I feel so bad as my future seems on the edge at this point.

Some people advised me to enhance my resume by attending a med school to at least "enhance" the stigma of an "old" medical grad (in my case it's 2003=12 years now).

Some universities I contacted accepted me to be a student for the final clinical year. And they said they'll grant me degree as I am graduated from then in 2016 if I start now and finish next year. Avalon University School of Medicine/Curacao which has office in Ohio said I have to do 3 clinical semesters (7700$ each=7700x3=23100$ total) and I will be done. Xavier University/Aruba said I need 4 semesters(11000$ each=11000x4=44000$ total).

I have to pay the tuition out of pocket. Nothing and no one seems interested in funding my tuition in my case, contacted banks, federal institutions etc. all refused to lend me (I am US citizen now by the way, and also I have very good credit scores)

What do you guys advice me please? will it worth? I mean money, time, hope? will I be able to get into residency going this route? by the way, I even lost any preference on specialty, I am OK with anything, IM, FM, Neuro, Psych. you name it I am OK with it and I don't care, even place is not important. I am not even picky about where to attend residency if I'll get it.

Thanks guys, and God bless you.

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