View Full Version : How and where to find the best advice for where your medical degree should take you

06-21-2015, 01:29 PM
-Do I take a position at a local hospital?
-Perhaps find a job at a private practice?
-Is it worth it to become partner?
-Should I look for retiring doctors in my specialty?
-is buying a practice more work than benefit?
-Is the practice I'm looking to buy stable and are the 'numbers' acurate?
When facing each and every one of these options, even with a business degree and medical degree, I was flying blind.
What I did know, was I had invested a good portion of my life acquiring my medical degree, but what I knew of the actual business itself, was precious little. The 'consultants' I sought wisdom from in past, unfortunately, not only cost me in fees, but what aspects of the opportunities that lay before me, that were massive red flags, went unseen.
I have looked at too many of these prospects to count, but collectively, with both failure, and ultimate success, came an exquisite knowledge and insight, that I wish I'd been privy to long before.
It would be my pleasure to help any I can, to avoid falling prey to situations which will only delay their financial and medical success - medicine is a business, and as in business, the better informed, and aware, the more assured the success.

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