View Full Version : Loans and Private Housing

06-12-2015, 03:32 PM
I am starting Med 1 this August and have to get my loans and housing situated. I am coming to the Island with my girlfriend and since we are not married we can not live on campus (what a joke) so I must find private housing and at the same time try and figure out the best method for acquiring loans that wont be at APR% 9.77 and wont immediately have to begin paying while I am still in school. I have heard of an MBA program through Urbana University where I can acquire federal loans, however I believe it can not be used towards tuition and on top of that It wont be enough to cover everything to begin with. Any advice as to what the most reasonably priced/close to campus private housing is and how legit this bank of mills loan system or Urbana U is? Or is there are other another option I am unaware of?? Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.

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