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05-03-2015, 05:05 PM
-MCCEE- I have Toronto Notes 2014 PDF, SAE forms, past questions+ lmccqbank. $50 each, ethics book $25

-MCCQE 1- I have past repeat questions from CMGs and SAE offline forms. Past questions $50 and SAE forms $50 (compared to each SAE form online is $69) , Essentials for MCCQE1 review book $40., ethics book $25

-NAC OSCE AND MCCQE-II- I have nac osce comprehensive review PDF and Osce material which is very high yield and only material required to pass with good score. Osce material $100 and Nac osce comprehensive $40. Osce course taken in 2013.

-usmle step 1- I have goljan pathology, BRS pathology, BRS physiology, BRS pharmacology, microbiology made ridiculously easy, usmleworld offline qbank 2014, NBME offline forms, usmleworld self assessment form 1, first aid 2014, step up to medicine step 1 2015, DIT. $100

-usmle step 2 ck- MTB (master the boards) for ck, usmleworld offline qbank 2013, first aid step 2 ck , first aid cases book, NBME for ck- $75

-usmle step 3- MTB(master the boards for step 3, review for step 3, first aid step-3 $75

-usmle step 2 CS- first aid cs 2014, csevideo patient notes, usmleworld offline cs - $75

message me for material: jenushachen at gmail com

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