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Lasse Skarpengland
04-28-2015, 10:54 AM
Hey! I am a student from norway, who unfortunately does not have the grades to study medicine in the university located in oslo. My solution is therefore to study abroad, after 3 years at private med school in Norway.
after the three years here, i am supposed to study the 4 year MED programme at Lodz, but as I always am with studying something as deep as medicine abroad, i am really wondering:
Is Lodz good? You get the authorization to work as a doctor after the 4 years at MUL?

What would be best:
Is there any norwegians at this forum, currently studying whom i can contact? I appreciate all kinds of contact with people studying at Lodz, but most interestingly from norwegians, as i also plan to work in Norway after end of studies.

12-17-2016, 12:28 PM
Hi Lasse,

As a current student, I strongly advise to stay far away from UMED (Medical University of Lodz). If you read my abundant threads and posts I try to explain the reasons why, but basically it is a poorly organized and taught program. Generally students from the West should stay away from any Eastern-European schools (Yes, Poland is in Eastern Europe).

The 4MD program albeit is better than the 6MD and 5DMD program, because it is accelerated and has more mature and educated students in it! This does not change the fact that many EU countries are still discussing the legitimacy of the 4MD program, and have a UMED diploma will pose as a substantial problem if finding a job anywhere after graduating, not do add to the problem with passing the LEK exam!

Best of luck!

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