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02-18-2015, 10:34 PM
Hi I am writing here because I am interested in applying to this school of medicine. I would like to know about UNIBE. Experiences, loans, and anything else that can help me know about UNIBE.

04-09-2015, 01:08 AM
Hi I am writing here because I am interested in applying to this school of medicine. I would like to know about UNIBE. Experiences, loans, and anything else that can help me know about UNIBE.

Hi Luigii,

First of all, sorry for the late reply. I stopped checking this forum due to the lack of activities. Anyways, I am currently finishing my first semester at UNIBE and I can talk to you about my experiences in general. Now, for the loans part I am not the best person to fully explain this in details however I can guide you a bit.

- Before applying to UNIBE I searched the web for more information since I was scared mainly because it was a giant step in my life. Moving to a country that I have never visited to study medicine. I found this forum and at first I was terrified reading all the things posted here. However, certain patterns caught my eye and immediately put 2 and 2 together. All the negativity being display towards UNIBE is coming from two or maybe three users that just talk bad about the school without any evidence whatsoever. Then, immediately the question in my head was: Why always the same people complaining? Do other people that actually were able to accomplish their dreams at UNIBE actually post in this forum? It all made sense once I arrived to DR. People that are here doing great do not have time to be visiting the forums and posting their feedback. Most of them, to not say all of them are focusing all that energy in their clinicals rotations and studying for the USMLE.
- To address some of the negative feedback, and keep in mind that this is talking only from what I have experienced and what I've heard from some of my colleagues. Since I started at UNIBE, I have not had any issue at all. I was able to register without a problem and started the semester without any inconvenience. I already registered for my final Pre-med semester and in Sept I'll be starting my Medical Program. Every person that I have encountered in UNIBE have been of a great help. Now, yes there are some craziness the first semester because keep in mind you are in a foreign country and you need to legalize your documents and do so within the first semester of class here. You'll need money to cover these expenses (which in case you need I can give you more detail), and PLEASE it is important to understand that you SHOULD NOT leave this for the last minute since many problems may present. Other than that, I honestly cannot say bad things about the institution that is giving me the opportunity to accomplish my dreams. The country in my humble opinion is beautiful, and there are so many incredible places that you can visit and enjoy. I love the food, the weather here is amazing, I love walking to "el malecon" during the weekends to relax. After all, it is an incredible experience that I am enjoying every day.

- The Financial Aid office at UNIBE was very helpful. Mrs. Yolanda and Mrs. Victoria are really on top of everything and making sure that the students are up to date with their documents. I mean understand that they are in charge of thousands of students and somehow they manage to send you an e-mail if any action is required from your part. In addition, if you need to take care of some problems with your loans they are more than happy to guide you in the right direction. I applied to UNIBE with my government loan Sub and Unsub, which if you notice when you fill out your documents UNIBE is listed there. Also, you have the option of Sallie Mae in case you need more money to cover other part of the tuition or the living and expenses. Parent Plus loans are an option as well. Anyways, if you need any more information about this you can contact them directly and they will explain everything to you without a problem.

Living and Expenses:
- Rents here vary from 500 to 1000+ depending on the area that you lived and the size of your apartment as well. Many students have roommates, which allow them to split the expenses. In my case, I am here with my girlfriend that is also enrolled in the Medical Program. My rent is 850, and I live in a 2 bedrooms 1 bath apartment which is very spacious and came fully furnished. I walk to UNIBE every day (10 min walk or even less) and have no problems at all. So far, I have not needed a car since school is close to me and whenever I need to move to other parts of the city I call a taxi which are not expensive at all ($200 pesos, which is like 4 dollars). Food and other places here are really cheap. One of my favorite is the movie theater, which for $200 per person you can watch a movie, I mean for a movie addict like me it doesn't get any better than this.

Final Thoughts:
- Like I previously stated, my apologies for the late reply. Hopefully, you find this helpful and do not get discourage for all the negativity going around. Here at UNIBE we have really talented, smart and more than capable students that I am pretty sure one day will be working in hospitals all around the U.S and why not the world. Final thought, it doesn't matter where you attend medical school, what matter is how bad you want it and what are you willing to do in order to accomplish your dreams. Whether you attend Harvard, Michigan or UNIBE if you are not a disciplined and determined student then you will not succeed in this career.

-If you need more info, I'll be more than glad to help you!

05-08-2015, 10:50 AM
Oh look advice and feedback from a 1 semester pre-med. Visit UNIBE and go to Maricris at around 1pm when students are having lunch next to but OUTSIDE the school. Talk to the med students there and ask them ... you'll thank me later.

05-08-2015, 11:02 AM
Actually you know what, ask to talk to the students from NY that got a nice surprise after finding out UNIBE misinformed them about New York residency policies. UNIBE told them they cannot rotate at hospitals in NY where they want to apply or they will be denied. Turns out simply doing 12 weeks of rotations outside UNIBE makes you inelegible to do residency in the entire state of NY. That's a perfect example of what being at UNIBE is like, your fate is in the hands of a bunch of greedy cold gangsters that are learning how to run a medical as they go.

09-02-2015, 11:48 PM
hey. I wanted to ask if you did apply

09-03-2015, 07:41 AM
What about rotations outside DR? and how does that impact your residency? Anyone has experience with any of these in Florida?

02-29-2016, 09:44 AM
Hi, I am writing this because I'm interested in UNIBE and I want to seek up to date information for this year.

08-09-2016, 02:18 PM
Hi I am writing here because I am interested in applying to this school of medicine. I would like to know about UNIBE. Experiences, loans, and anything else that can help me know about UNIBE.

Hey Luigii, I hope this post makes it in time before you make THE biggest mistake of your life. Like you i was looking at med schools, both in the States and abroad. I had a cousin that was in med school at UNIBE, and she had lured me in to the nightmare that is UNIBE. My quick advice, try looking for another Med school in the Caribbean if possible, if you do decide on UNIBE, good luck to you my friend.

So the entry process is not that big a deal, although UNIBE claims to have "lost" various paperwork that I had sent. And by lost I mean that they vehemently accused me of not sending anything. I had to call approx 27 times to get in contact with UNIBE due to them not picking up, ignoring my calls, or just giving me the runaround and mind you, this was a WEEK before the semester started. By the 28th time (3 days before the semester starts) i was told that I had been accepted around a month ago, and that I should already be on my way. This was a good bit of foreshadowing of my UNIBE experience

I have vastly more experience than the young, naiive DrSMR but it seems my knowledge rivals that of MedStudentMD. Do not follow DrSMR's advice. Yes, the country is beautiful and the food is great. The only 2 positives that DrSMR was able to come up with; and as noted, he has less than a year "studying" at this backwards-thinking, logic-missing hell hole (UNIBE).

-The good experiences ->met some of the greatest people that have made this an experience i wouldn't regret, I have some crazy stories to tell people, lived in the country my parents grew up in before moving to the USA, met a bunch of family I never would have otherwise, the women are gorgeous, met my girlfriend here. Anywhere outside the capital is beautiful.
The bad experiences:
-The traffic, the city is dangerous (like any other in the world), you will get robbed; hopefully not at gunpoint, the police can be your greatest nemesis for the 6+ years you WILL be here. I say 6+ because it is damn near impossible to take your STEP 1 without workarounds, especially since now they added a KAPLAN course in your 10th semester
- You would think, "Wow Kaplan Course with Kaplan books, this will definitely make it easy to study for my STEP." And that is the thinking of the naiive and young. This is basically a money grab created by the ever lovable Nazi Dean of Medicine. Basically this course is a cram-shit show of a semester with NBMEs (diagnostic tests tgo help determine Step 1 readiness) that count towards your final grade and are worth 2 WHOLE LETTER grades. The point of the "Kaplan" course is to fail aas many students as possible, or at least get them to drop the course so they can empty another $9,000 and deposit it right into someone else's pockets because Lord knows they aren't using that money to improve the med program. You will be too focused on trying to pass this 10th semester sane that you will have not retained any of that information to use on Step 1, so you go back and try to re-learn every damn thing you crammed for the past 4 months. Also, the "professor" of this "class" is a self entitled, arrogant douche.
-For this part you have to know is that there are 2 different tracts, International (English) and Dominican (Spanish). The slang at UNIBE to refer to these tracts is section.....Oh so you're an American student, and want to study in the English speaking International Track promised and offered by UNIBE? Well, as you've guessed it you came to the WRONG place. Sure, classes are given in english......until you move from Pre-med to Med. Once you hit semester 5, goodbye english. Everything is in spanish; exams, classes, and presentations. And ohhhhhh boy, does UNIBE love their presentations. I have done more presentations in UNIBE in one semester than I have EVER DONE IN MY LIFE. Literally. It's like UNIBE said, "Let's pay our professors to let the students teach a class when the students don't know ANYTHING about the subject. This will be great for learning!" (<-typical UNIBE logic). So then you might ask, "hey, what's the difference between English section and Spanish? Well......there is none, after a certain semester you're tossed together like a salad, and the only difference is you will be paying $7.000 more, to learn medicine in spanish.....even though UNIBE promises an English medical program....and you are studying to take a Step exam in English......
-Oh there was that $4,000 tuition hike that came out of nowhere, no warning, no discussion, no reason as to why the tuition hike is justified. UNIBE just decided one day, "Fuck it, lets increase tuition by $4,000, we already charge the students $500 a semester with some reason we pulled out of our *****, this will be a great move on our part!" We as students demanded a meeting, in which the Nazi....I mean Dean of Medicine and his little cohorts proceeded to laugh at our inquiries for an hour straight, talk over us, ignore pertinent questions, and basically bring up irrelevant info about nothing for shits and giggles. Lol good times. This brings me to the next point
-The staff, more specifically those in important positions for the Student of Medicine are COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT! You will waste days of your life trying to get in contact with the coordinator of your semester. Not only that, when they fuck up and I can guarantee 100000% that they will fuck up, not only will they not hone up to their mistake even if you have all the proof in the world, they will somehow turn it around and make you feel as if it was all your fault and you will suffer for their idiocy. The staff that are actually qualified, and there are quite a few gems that can make the whole experience a lot smoother are instead delegated to desk jobs that a half brain-dead monkey can do. Oh, almost forgot about the random vacations these important staff members take that just so happen to coincide with an event that is extremely important to the student. Coincidence? The stories I have about the staff will leave you in disbelief and wondering how on earth this school has not burned down.
-As the guy above me said the whole New York rotation thing, how it was promised and then UNIBE happened. And the fact that UNIBE failed to inform the students that doing more than 12 weeks rotation outside of the country will screw you if you try to apply for a NY residency. Because that's not relevant information. But hey, at least we have FIU, which costs around $3,000, plus UNIBE tuition......wait what? Yep you heard right, just as Kanye loves talking about Kanye UNIBE loves money just as much.
-UNIBE pays Doctors in hospitals to take us under their wing, so if UNIBE pays these doctors, the doctors accept this money, that means these doctors need to comply with UNIBE rules, especially those made to protect said students? {insert Yao-ming smiley meme} Nah you're on your own. Get into an accident and break your leg? It doesn't matter, if you miss you're threatened with repeating the semester, it doesn't matter how far along you are. You could be finishing in 5 days, every staff member at UNIBE will cower towards the might of the doctor UNIBE paid to teach us the beautiful art that is medicine.

Financial Aid
-Probably the most stress free part of UNIBE. The staff are extremely helpful, they let you know deadlines and respond to your questions in a timely manner.

This is just a few things I have myself have witnessed and experienced, i have dealt with the past few years attending UNIBE. If anyone tells you anything that might make my stories seem like isolated incidents be wary, Nazi and Big Brother are probably watching.

By the time you are done with unibe you will have aged worse than Obama's 8 year term in the White House and snorting cocaine off a sex workers *** will be the norm for you. But hey, at least you will leave UNIBE as a Doctor right?

02-09-2017, 04:34 PM
I would strongly discourage anyone from going to UNIBE.

It is not what they make it out to sound. Everything is complicated and hard, professors do not teach, you have to teach yourself everything, professors dont tell you what to study and you are regularly told to study the books. Not very helpful information at all. Professors also do not show up on time or don't show up at all.

The grading system is set up that only thing you can do is lose points. You start off the class with 100% but take and exam and lose 20points you are now down to 80% in the class and you still have several exams left. You have no way of increasing your score at this point. This system is set up for failure and not for success! If you are coming in to UNIBE under the english program and paying the English rate for tuition beware that at the 11th semester everything is in Spanish and you still have to pay the rate as and English student. This is new information for me as I just found out that 11th-16th semester is all in Spanish. How can this be and English program then. They do not tell you this when you come for pre-med.

I would stay away and go anywhere else at this point as UNIBE will not make it easy for you to pass in the English program. This is where they make all the money. The more you fail and retake class the longer you have to stay and the more money they will make. The schools main agenda is getting money as it does not seem they are trying to help the students at all. This is strange as if the students fails it reflects badly on the school but they have a response for that as well. Other people have passed so why cant you. You are lazy and you do not organize your time and so on. They blame you for everything and they are never at fault for anything.

The question now where can someone transfer out of UNIBE to? Who will accept UNIBE credits so that those still at UNIBE have somewhere they can go to get out of the nightmare. US schools will not accept transfers other some Caribbean schools flat out say no to UNIBE. If anyone has information that can help it would be greatly appreciated so that I can try and leave ASAP before I get deeper in this nightmare at UNIBE. Need to get soon without getting delayed or starting over.

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