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01-17-2015, 04:18 PM
Hey guys I'm interested in this rotation, but it requires minimum 4 students (max 6).

We have 2 students in the group (Including my self), looking for 2-4 more.

This is a Elective rotation (4 Weeks).

Dr. Kane is excellent, I have visited his office and he is very friendly and also takes great deal of interest in teaching students (according to previous students that I have spoken to).

There are 4 sessions where Dr. Kane orders part of a fresh cadaver and rest of the 4 weeks you can shadow him at his clinic(s).

This rotation is required for Jackson Park Rotation as far as I was told by Dr. Kane (But it varies by school).

If anyone is interested please get in touch with Surg Prep and checkout their website for more information:

surgprep dot com

Sinthi is the one that sets it up with the school.
Sinthi Siva
E-mail: surgprep at outlook . c o m
Phone: (503) 999 3178
If you want to be directly in touch with Dr. Kane this is his office #, you can make time with him to meet him to answer any/all your questions:

Dr. John F. Kane
E-mail: kanefoot at yahoo . c o m
Phone: (773) 685 3933

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